If you are just joining us…some of my favorite posts

EA lTThe primary cast of characters in this blog are as follows:

KSP = my husband

E = my daughter

Q = my son

Thanks for coming by, I hope you will enjoy reading about, relating to and sharing your journey as much as I have enjoyed sharing ours and I hope that with each post you will find a nugget that can help make today ‘yournewfavoriteday.’

The first day I realized perhaps our story might help just one person.  “Ordinary Became Extraordinary.”

When I felt like I had finally found something that might help me put words to how I was feeling.  “Finding Strength in Being Happy in Holland When I Wanted to go to Italy.”

A joyous post, celebrating a milestone victory on our journey.  Hope: Free, Love: Free, Faith:Free”

A courageous day for me and the minis as we venture out to the beach for the first time.  We “Just keep Swimming,”  “Courage to take a fearful step can come from an unlikely place, like a fish named Dory.” 

Remembering to look at our victories for what they are, big or small or somewhere in between each baby step can ben a milestone.  “Baby Steps Become Milestones.”

Why can’t today be the special day. We are breathing alive and have the opportunity to make this day special enough.  “What are you waiting for?  Drink the nice bottle of wine, wear your Louboutins and remember today is special.”

The pieces start to come together and the puzzle begins to reveal itself. “What gives you purpose, a journey worth taking.”

A loving tribute to my dad and my husband, KSP. “Thoughts about Love for Father’s Day.”

Normal means whatever it means to you.  Mine involves me chasing watermelons down the street. “Chasing Watermelons is Easy, Being Normal is Hard.”

A look back to move forward. “Stay with me, let’s just breathe.”

A reminder to not take a single moment for granted. “Never Take a Moment for Granted for Everything Can Change in an Instant.” 

A Habitat for Humanity build reminds me that no matter what disarray may exist in our home, we are together which makes it a home.  “Where do you call home literally and metaphorically.”

Finding your way through challenging times sometimes results in figuring out the purpose of your journey. “How do you know if you re on track with what you think is your purpose?”

A little more background on our story from a speech we have at a March of Dimes benefit. “A Peek into the Window of my Soul.” 

Hopefully a guide that might help others who experience this particular part of our journey. “A NICU 101 Guide for Parents and Families, Please Share if it can be Valuable.”

Letting go, a key piece in moving forward and remembering where you came from can be a core piece of being able to let go.  “It’s Good to Remember, it Reminds us to Celebrate the Moment you know you can let go.” 

A magical moment.  A Special Day, the Wondertwins Turn 2.”

Healing. “The Snow has Stopped and the Sun Shines Again.”

My foundation to be who I am started here. “Before I was a Mother, I was a Daughter.”

Another milestone moment for E and for me.  Blubbering in front of Garth Brooks is not my best look. “Hope Does Indeed Float.”

A reminder for all of us doing too much because we could, would or believe we should. “There is no Such Thing as Superwoman.”

Just how far we have come.“An Everyday Miracle for the Holidays.”

Just 8 months after starting this blog,  a metamorphosis in mind, body and spirit.  ” A Look Back and Forward at ‘Mynewfavoriteyear’ Through Music.”

A letter to my late Father-in-Law who I never met but wish I could. “Dear Ellis, a Letter to my Fa”ther-in-Law.”

A reminder that love is “Everyday.”

A first haircut is a milestone for the whole family.  “When one door to happiness closes, another opens.”

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