An Everyday Miracle for The Holidays…

“Now you just believe, that’s all you have to do – Just believe.” An Ohio Farmer

What do you know about miracles? Have you had one happen in your life? Do you believe in them? By definition a miracle is a noun:


  1. A surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is considered to be divine.
  2. A highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment. (Wikipedia)

In practice you may think of little miracles. Time when you have avoided dangerous situations or “close calls.” Other miracles may be in the form of rescue from a situation that is hard or challenging. Kindness by strangers to adopt families or gifting during the holidays when hardship is upon them. All perpetuated by the “spirit of the Christmas” or “the spirit of the Holidays.”

In order to notice or see a miracle, you must first believe that they exist. If you are not a person of faith and reading this post, not believing in God or a higher being does not mean you don’t believe in miracles, it just may mean you call them something else.

I happen to have been raised Catholic and although I do not go to church every Sunday , I do consider myself a spiritual person and as you will see, I do believe in miracles. For I have 2 of them, Q and E, and it is only by a miracle that they are here today with me.

In the times we have met before this post, I did not share that much about myself in the experience that brought me to this post, this blog and ‘mynewfavoriteday.’ But today, we will go beyond the veil and I will share with you just why I do believe in miracles. Why I am able to write these words. It shows itself in the form of pure gratitude. When you have no control over an outcome, where the outcome is so unthinkable you are sure it will shatter you to tiny little pieces, and you are saved from the outcome, is to be given the life rafts of all life rafts, a miracle. Your children live. And you believe in miracles….

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The surpise of a Christmas Miracle starts here...December 25, 2009. No baby E with us and what will ultimately be our gift.


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7 thoughts on “An Everyday Miracle for The Holidays…

  1. I could barely make it through the whole post, Shannon, for the tears that blurred my vision. Tear not of sadness, but of joy for you and your miracles.

    Yes, I have been blessed by miracles, but I won’t share those here. For now, I am going to savor the opportunity to let your story settle into my heart and rejoice with you during this Christmas season and celebrate the coming of a new year with your minis.

  2. What a heart wrenching feeling and familiarity I had reading your post. Although our stories are different with the boys. Interesting you post about this today and I am having a breakdown around R. Ned reminded me tonight that these children are “miracles” and we weren’t even supposed to have kids. He reminded me also it could be far worse. I can’t imagine how you must have felt. Thank you for sharing

  3. So incredible. What a blessing. Yes, I whole-heartedly believe in miracles. I have experienced some… some blatant and some seemingly in disguise. What a wonderful story you’ve shared with us… thank you and Merry Christmas 🙂

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