10 things I am not-so-good at: a #MondayListicle!

Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.” ~ Unknown

As I did a few weeks ago, I am going back for round 2 of #MondayListicles with Northwest Mommy and the topic from Jessica at “Team Rasler” is right up my alley:  I mean really, tapping into the list in my head of the things I am not-so-good at is perfect, as don’t all of us have some sort of list in our heads, check!

Very good at keeping a list of things I am not good at.

Before I launch into my list, I am happy to say that I am pretty accepting of these “less than ideal executions.” I am pretty happy with me overall, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still find myself lamenting my challenges on occasion and because I am aware of them I can keep trying to work on them.

Here we go, hold your breath, I know I am.

10 Things I am Rubbish At:

1.  Saying I am sorry to those closest to me. To anyone I work with, no problem. Admitting I am at fault, accountability, I am in. Sorry I said something that I didn’t think about before I opened my mouth, well that’s a little harder.  If you have lived with me at any point, you will agree it’s not my forte.

Say it with me:

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry.”

2.  Letting go of indiscretions against me in the long term.  In the short-term, I am pretty flexible or amenable. I “pretend” to move on.  In the long-term if you have done something once and you hurt me, I am tend to experience the hurt more that once so you might as well as have done it over and over.  Just ask KSP, I have the memory of an elephant, although this elephant does sometimes forget or at least she makes a great effort to try.

3.  Rejection.  I don’t do rejection well. As a people pleaser it’s something I have always been challenged with. “What do you mean you don’t like me?” How can you not like me? I am nice and try to be kind to people and treat others as I want to be treated….oh wait, we don’t always like EVERYONE we meet Shannon AND perhaps you are over thinking and overanalyzing it, wouldn’t that be a first?

4.  Being tidy.  I TRY so hard, but no matter how hard I try there is alway chaos! I am an organized chaos kind of gal. To remember to do it, it has to be in front of me and that doesn’t always mean I will do it right away, so then it’s just there…being cluttered.  Grrrr…in a house with twins and a hubby who can walk by something on the floor several times without seeing it (how is that possible?) it’s a constant monkey on my back.

5. Being crafty! I so so so want to be crafty! Pinterest was made for crafty people and I feel like a peeping Tom sometimes as I stalk amazing projects and crafty things people have done, envisioning myself recreating the amazing images, and then I wake up to the craft police hauling me away telling me I will never be crafty, so I should just give up the dream.

Mecca for crafty people, a tease for me.

6.  Staying clean while eating. I mean seriously, I am like Pig Pen.When I eat you will know I have been there. Crumbs on the table, on me, on the floor, it’s ridiculous. I sometimes have to methodically think about how I will approach my meal so that I keep it on my plate and not all over the table cloth!

7.  Understanding when people are late.  I have a physical reaction to people being late.  I am admittedly sometimes late too,  but not that often and when I am, I usually call to advise the person I will be late. My pulse quickens and I start to perspire.  This is an ongoing issue for me and KSP as he tends to leave at the time we are suppose to arrive at our destination…you can see how this all goes down.

8. Prioritizing myself.  I am working on this, but if there is one person’s needs to go, it will probably be mine.

9.  Doing one thing at a time. I tend to do several things at once. I am like an Olympian in  multi-tasking but sometimes this causes more stress than it is helpful as you are not finishing the task and starting a new one, you are doing several tasks at once which can sometimes feel overwhelming.

My brain while working on a task.

10.  Asking for help.  I tend to and like to believe I can pretty much handle everything and anything.  Having the minis in the situation we did, I have become much better, but still not great.  Although, ironically, I would always encourage others to ask for help, so perhaps I should add to this list, “taking my own advice!”

I am not sitting up on the couch and watching you as you take notes on your pad. Thanks for the therapy session, how much do I owe you?

Do you have a list in your head of the things you are not so great at? Do you let the list get the best of you, or do you keep positive and try to get better at these things one moment at a time?  We aren’t all perfect all the time and these imperfections make us who we are and who we are in our own way makes us “just perfect” for where we are today, right now, in this journey of life. I hope knowing this and remembering it can make today ‘anewfavoriteday.’

34 thoughts on “10 things I am not-so-good at: a #MondayListicle!

  1. Love this S. I have all of these. Specially #2 and #3. I had the hardest time at work when I flew with a crew member that did not like me. It is like a disease with me. But I think I might be cured now. I just stay away from people…
    My brain is just as scattered but I don’t quite have that many dots floating around. SO I am a bit jealous of yours 🙂

  2. I used to have a problem saying “I’m sorry” to some people. Until one day I realized how easy it is and I wondered why I had been avoiding it in the first place.

  3. Love this post, Shannon! I can relate to almost all of these, and you should see my Pinterest boards; can you say, “Daydreamer”?

    “Memory like an elephant”; me, too!! Sometimes I feel like that girl on the new show “Unforgettable”. Something will trigger a memory and there I go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh!

    Thanks for the giggle!

    1. Thanks so much Carol. Yes, daydreamer, you can hear the musical track in the background! I have to watch that show, I am pretty sure I am just like you both….if you ever see me doing the dishes or cleaning maniacally I have probably get a memory I am working on:) Thanks back for the giggle, it made me smile!

  4. I’m beginning to understand why we get along so well, Shannon. Rejection? Boo. Late people? Boo. Multitasking? Guilty. Not asking for help. Guilty… though getting much better at year by year.

  5. This is a great list! I hate being late as well as when other people are late too. Asking for help? Not easy either. I love that you ended on this positive note – “We aren’t all perfect all the time and these imperfections make us who we are and who we are in our own way makes us “just perfect” for where we are today, right now, in this journey of life.” What a great reminder 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Anna. I love that you hate being late. It think it’s leftover from childhood, my mom was ALWAYS late and it made me cringe. So now it’s a whole thing with me…I need to work on that a teeny bit:) And thanks for your kind words about my last bit. I do believe it and jeez if we were all perfect and in the same place life would get a bit boring! THanks for coming by to say hello!

  6. I am rubbish at most of the same things. And that is EXACTLY why I have not joined Pinterest – it would just make me feel inadequate about my lack of crafting/cooking/styling skillz.

  7. I am so with you on the crafty thing. I wish I were but I end up frustrated and throwing the craft across the room because it won’t turn out like the box. So yeah. We don’t craft much here..

    1. I am not sure why it’s so hard for us Audrey. You would think the word is quite simple so what’s the challenge. But I think we are conditioned in some ways that we should be able to do it all, but I think that conditioning started before there was SO SO SO much to do all the time and the pressures became even greater than they were in our parents time. Thanks for coming by and saying hi!

    1. Thank you:) Yes, I continue to hope that I am perfectly me…love seeing you here!

      E, I think I tried to reach out to you to see if I can feature you in my “Mynewfavoriteweek’ly Inspiration” series, would you be open to that? It’s very simple and easy. I find you and your writing so inspiring!

      1. Sounds intriguing… depends on what’s involved. Shot me an email and we can discuss it. Thanks for thinking of me. 😉

  8. Great list. Why is it so hard to say sorry to those closest to us? Bad at that myself. 4, 6 and 9, especially 6 made me ROFL. Maybe we can throw a drop cloth over the table and have a meal sometime.

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