Hope: Free, Faith: Free, Love: Free,

Finally getting off 24/7 oxygen support: Priceless

Baby E, Pure Joy

Congratulations to our precious E, who was told yesterday by her pulmonary doctor that we can take her off oxygen during the days and only use it at night.  A huge step for E and for our family.  There are no really words to describe how we feel and this is a deeply seeded emotional experience for us as a family so I will not explore these emotions openly today but I will say Hope, Faith, Love, Resilience, and Friendship, Intuition, Prayers, Positive thoughts and An Excellent Medical Team provided the foundation for us to finally reach this place and we are both grateful and inspired and wish you all:

hope and strength when you are feeling maxed out,

love and friendship when you feel alone,

resilience and faith when you feel like you can’t go on or “it” won’t get better,

trust and instincts when you hear your inner voice

and prayers and positive thoughts when you feel like you have nothing left

Today is our new favorite day as we embark on a new journey with our daughter and son as we explore freedom to go places, do things, move from room to room without cords, spend time together as a family without hazards, gain time in not needing to order weekly medical supplies and so much more.  As with any new journey, this is not the end of our challenges but we will step forward and continue to choose gratitude and hope to push us through what awaits, but for today we will smile, close our eyes, raise our face up to the sunshine and breathe deeply and be thankful for all our blessings and for bringing us this long awaited new favorite day.

9 thoughts on “Hope: Free, Faith: Free, Love: Free,

  1. Yes!!! There is nothing quite the same as that first day without cords/tubes! :o)

    I’m so happy for you, the beach trips will be much better. And the fun of snuggling without the worry of pulling a cord and accidently “strangling” your child . . . get a really good cuddle for us,

  2. Life is amazing. What an amazingly beautiful day and just in time for your wonderful weekend of celebration. Look at her precious smile. I’m so happy for you guys that is an amazing milestone. Tears of joy for you from a mom that completely understands. The day my oldest son didn’t have to do breathing treatments every four hours to get through life was wonderful (it took 2 full years).

  3. Congratulations E and Family!!! We had so much fun with you guys at MoD March 4 Babies!

  4. Congratulations to the whole crew! You GO, E! Keep growing and thriving and giving us all such sweet smiles.

  5. what fabulous news! so exciting for all of you and your new adventures. she looks absolutely blissful and gorgeous, S! loves and hugs to you all!

  6. Thanks everyone for your kind words and thoughts! We are thrilled to say the least and so appreciate everyone’s sentiments. It’s great fun to celebrate this milestone under a halo of friendship.

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