A special day…the wondertwins turn 2.

Intense love does not measure, it just gives.  ~ Mother Teresa

There are so many ways in which I could take this post today as I feel like a cog in a wheel of emotions.  Every spoke leads down a different path. One of remembering exactly moment by moment of what happened on this day 2 years ago. One of looking at our journey and all the chaos and fear that shrouded our hearts and minds so much that we stopped even realizing it was there.  One of looking at the joy and love that has lit up our lives like a hundred million suns orbiting our hearts on a daily basis. And one of pure blessed gratitude for this moment, in this time, that our babies, the minis, the wondertwins, Q and E, Pea and Pod, bug and princess angel, turn 2 years old today.

E and Q celebrate the big 2 with cupcakes.

It is this spoke that I am relishing in today.  It cannot be measured, it cannot be counted it can only be felt and it just keeps giving. In honor of the power of this simple yet complex emotion, I will not write a long post today but rather just hope to share with you a little part of the overpowering sense of hope, love and gratitude that I feel today.

If you love anything in your life, look at that person today, or listen to their voice and take that moment to feel in your heart what is being given to you.  It is the most precious gift to know this love and it most definitely something that can make it ‘yournewfavoriteday.’

For my babies who continue to grow but will always be my babies, I love you and I have no idea how it’s possible to love you more each day but you make it so .

Happy Birthday.  It truly is our greatest day of celebration for you are here and alive and have given your mommy and daddy the greatest gifts we never knew existed but could never imagine being without.   Besos, besos, besos.

7 thoughts on “A special day…the wondertwins turn 2.

  1. happy birthday!! it is indeed a day of celebration! addie just turned 9 yesterday – and our anniversary is tomorrow – 10 years! your message is timely and beautiful and i will take it with me during this fabulous week of celebrations. much love to you all and happy birthday kisses to Q and E!!

  2. What a gift to read, and to be reminded!

    I’m sorry to be late in saying so (so very far behind here), but–I hope their birthday was full of joy all around!

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