How do you know if you are on track with what you think is your purpose?

The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.” ~ Mitch Albom

Last night KSP and I had the incredible honor of being the Ambassador Family at an amazing March of Dimes event here in Los Angeles.   The events is called the March of Dimes Signature Chefs Event.

On the 3rd floor terrace of the Montage in Beverly Hills, as the sun dipped below the horizon, premiere and celebrity chefs from the some of the best restaurants in the world and Los Angeles gathered to offer their gourmet tasty delights to the crowd as they tasted delicious wines from local and high-profile vineyards.  Guests mingled, sipped wine, and laughed as they tried to outbid one another on everything from private vineyard tastings, to The Ellen DeGeneres Show tickets and trips to various luxury destinations.  As KSP and I wandered around the terrace chatting with people and trying to calm our nerves before we would get up on the stage in front of these 300 guests to briefly tell our story of how Q and E arrived in this world unexpectedly and far too early, we held hands and I felt the reason we have been able to get through all that has been put before us in the past 2 years.

As the sun went down and the air turned chilly, KSP and I found ourselves chatting with other folks about ways to connect the dots to raise awareness and education about what the March of Dimes does for expectant mothers and families like ours that have experienced the journey of prematurity.  As the bells continued to chime to signal it was time to go inside where the live auction would be held and KSP and I would speak, we laughed and enjoyed the company of theses people who have been so passionate about helping these babies and their families.

With some dear friends by our side, we took our seats at our table.  The auctioneer kicked off the evening and the money started to come with the incredible packages being offered. Group dinners with Celebrity Chefs, group trips to exotic destinations and even tickets to the American Idol Finale (yes, we did get this from our good friends at FremantleMedia!).  Bid cards went up, fast and furious.  People were excited and then it came,  auction item number 8.  Shannon and Scott Pruitt please come to the stage. My heart flutters even typing this.  We walked forward with all eyes wondering what we would say, and what our story be?

The lights went dark and the spot lights shone down on us.  With a disclaimer that I would most definitely cry so this was fair warning, we kicked it off talking about 2 of the half a million babies that are born premature each year in the US, our babies Q and E.  It was like taking a trip back in time.  The emotion that came out is for me the one that lives quietly somewhere in the dark place of your soul.  This part of  your soul has been broken and with no real way to repair it,  and you can only hope that is lives there quietly.  But in an occasion like this, this part of my soul lit up like a thousand candles.  Talking about our family, our babies, the fear we felt, the uncertainty of what would happen or how things would turn out minute to minute had me apologizing several times for my tears. With KSP by my side we led the attendees with us as we went from our house to the hospital to the OR to the NICU.  And then KSP went off script…

He looked at the audience and me and thanked the March of Dimes for helping me. His wife. Who has had so much sadness around what has happened with Q and E, he compared my transformation since becoming involved with the March of Dimes to that of a butterfly emerging from a cocoon.  Working to help other families like ours has given me a purpose which has helped me tremendously in coping with what life has presented us.  It was a beautiful moment, between KSP and me. For it was he who truly recognized my healing as we push forth with this organization in which I so appreciate and value, for they truly gave Scott and me the greatest gift which is the research and treatments that allowed our babies to survive at such a young and fragile age.

To say the night was a huge success would be to understate the work of the amazing committee behind the event and the wonderful folks who came and donated and took home fabulous auction packages ( I wonder if any of the buyers will let KSP and me come with them?:)) With the spotlights shining I knew we were on track with our purpose.  It was such a gift.  And so with that, I will leave you with a video of why we do everything we do.  The magic of Q and E.  The purpose begins, continues and ends with them and all that they give us.  So today, on ‘mynewfavoriteday’ I will leave you with a video of Q and E bringing their mama great joy and reminding that no matter how tough things can be at times, our purpose is to love one another, love and help those we can, and finding something to devote yourself  to that fills your heart so thoroughly that there is no denying this is in fact, your purpose.

I wish that you can find ‘that’ thing that no matter what it is, makes you feel purpose and can make today ‘yournewfavoriteday.’

8 thoughts on “How do you know if you are on track with what you think is your purpose?

  1. Shannon, so excited to hear about your wonderful evening. Every time we tell our story, we heal another place in our heart. Your babies are beautiful – thank you for sharing with us.

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