A hug from ‘mynewfavoriteday’ to take you into a great weekend.

Thank you for another great week with “mynewfavoriteday’  Have a great weekend! I personally am going to try to keep my walking child from spilling hot coffee on himself, rolling down a hill and hitting his head, slipping and falling splitting his lip and banging his head against any hard surface he can find when frustrated.  Since I did all that last Sunday, I feel like this weekend has to be better…knock on wood.  So from this super parent (oh wait, maybe not so super based on the above during which I was literally an arms length away during each of these incidents) to all of you, a big hug for spending this week with us and a wish for a great weekend that’s incident free, unless it involves one of these….in which case you are probably having more fun than me, unless you have too many in which case it’s not so fun.  Happy Friday!

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