The joy of sisterhood

A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.

— Isadora James

I recently came back from a rare opportunity to spend the weekend with my sister and 2 of her dear friends from childhood. As we all laughed and talked about topics heavy and light, it reoccurred to me that sisterhood does not necessitate the same lineage and genes but rather an invisible thread that connects our hearts and minds.

I consider myself very lucky to have 3 wonderful sisters. As it happens this trip was with my sister D, who is 18 months younger and lives much too far away. And, although we are best friends, time is a luxury that neither of us has enough of so we don’t often get a chance to really talk. To ask the questions that cause of joy and concern for one another. The questions best left for face to face conversations so that faces can be seen, tone can be heard and intent can be felt.

So while basking in 90 degree heat in a pool filled with a film of sunscreen and people enjoying their weekends without a care in the world, we asked the questions and gave our honest answers and shared our fears, hopes, and joys over where our lives had been and for the road that lay ahead.

Even thought D is related to me by blood as are my other sisters, I would choose them all over again. In their own ways they are a thread and this is where I know that the thread doesn’t just connect us by DNA but also and unspoken tie between our souls. This thread exists for this special ones we choose in our lives. And this sisterhood need not be confined by the real world. In today’s world, sisterhood can be virtual.

(From left: K, J, me and D)

I feel lucky to know both of these worlds.These women who both bring and give light to guide and lift me. Sisterhood is a magical gift. A bond, a thread, a unicorn in the forest. Each one is unique and special and must be nurtured so that the magic stays alive.

(Source: Google images)

Today I got a card dear friend with whom I am playing the world’s longest game of phone tag,but then all of a sudden this card arrived and the miles, time and lack of connection did not matter, I could feel the thread and the light.

You are all a light for someone and like my sisters and my yayas and my real and virtual fiends you are a thread and light for me and I am grateful. I know that although we may not always be able to catch up properly, this sisterhood is precious and magical and makes today ‘Mynewfavoriteday.’.

Who can you remind today they give you light? Real or virtual, far or near, old or new, pull the thread and make it a sister’s ‘newfavoriteday.’ Will you reach out and how?


11 thoughts on “The joy of sisterhood

  1. Beautiful post Shannon. It’s a nice reminder that those ties that bind us to each other don’t break just because time passes so quickly, and little things like cards or short visits can make lasting memories.

  2. Hi, Shannon! I love your new blog decor. Very calming and sweet….like you. (Sharing some light, girl…;-)) Actually, this is a wonderful read for me today, as it confirms an action I took earlier with our horse trainer, who has also become a friend. She is single mom like me, but a decade younger and juggling more than she can handle at this moment. She has had to cancel Maycee’s horse lessons many times over the past several months (she only rides twice a month, so that’s saying a lot), and I finally got frustrated about it today. However, as we had a tense conversation that jostled my nerves, once home after work I took some time to breathe and realize that it was just as much my stress as it was hers that was causing friction. Thus, I grabbed my phone and called her back to clear the air. I reminded her that she was a “light” in our lives. We appreciate her so much, and I can relate to all that she is going through. We both breathed a sigh of relief and found a solution to make up for the lost riding time for Maycee because of it. I’m grateful for having the tools in my toolbelt today that help me pause and take inventory. So today definitely made my newfavoriteday list! Lots of hugs, and your picture is lovely!!

    1. Awww I so so so love this. What a gift you gave her and you. We all have these times but she probably is so grateful to you because you helped her work through it for you both. Thanks for the love in so many ways all the time and glad you like the new blog…hoping it brings so light and love to all of you just like you all do to me:) xoxo

  3. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how much more powerful in person experiences are then when we email and text our friends and family. I’m afraid that as a culture we’re forgetting!!

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