Childhood nostalgia….what can bring you magic for your Friday and weekend?

Only those who look with the eyes of children can lose themselves in the object of their wonder ~ Eberhard Arnold

With all this talk of Halloween costumes, I am feeling nostalgic and a bit childlike.  I decided to dig up a Halloween photo of myself as a child.  Since Halloween wasn’t our thing as a family, I don’t think we have too many photos, but this is a photo from when I was 3 or 4 years old (mom/dad?).

At that age and through most of my childhood I LOVED horses. Since we lived in an apartment, I obviously could not have one despite my multiple attempts to convince my mom that is perfectly normal and acceptable to keep a horse in your closet.  Afterall, they eat hay and how expensive can that b? And, they travel in small trailers so the size of the closet shouldn’t be a problem.  In my mind, this was so clear and I could not understand that my mom did not agree with me.

So in lieu of the horse in my closet ( I would have named him Lucky like my best friend Jodi who won a horse at the fair of all places, yes a real one!), I had a rocking horse. The kind that are plastic and housed within 4 springs.  I would sit on that horsey for hours and rock with all of my might.  Thus, it would only make sense that I would be a cowgirl for Halloween.  Me and my stick horse pal Lucky would gallop awkwardly around the house as these horses on sticks do not make for elegant riding style, and explore all the nooks and crannies that our wild west had to offer us.  It was truly magical.

Me as a wee cow-poke in my Grandma and Grandpa's kitchen

So for today, this Friday, I wish you a magical day.  Full of magical thinking…grabbing a different mug just because it feels right, setting your alarm to your lucky number (by the minute of course), or putting on a pair of shoes, jeans or top that brings you luck. This type of thinking is an extension of our imagination, the time of wonder, before we knew of practicalities, rationalities and “what should be.”  I look at this photo of me, with all the wonder of a cowgirl looking at her favorite horse and the big world, remember that magic.

Do you believe in the magic of childhood and that it can be recaptured if even for a moment as an adult?

Y’all have a great ‘newfavoriteday’ on this Friday and into the weekend. And thanks for being with me this week and see you on Monday for the big announcement!

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5 Comments on “Childhood nostalgia….what can bring you magic for your Friday and weekend?”

  1. Mike Sweeny (Dad Says:

    I’m pretty sure it was 3 years 4 months. You had just moved back from Portland shortly before the picture was taken. Nice that you have remained sooo….pretty. Love you!


  2. Alex @ Raw Recovery Says:

    This is a very thought provoking post. I am trying to think of something that would bring me some magic, I definitely need some.


  3. Y'vonne Says:

    Adorable. I need to dig up a pic at the same age. We really look like we could be sisters.


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