Dress up? Yes please. Special event style.

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Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” ~ Coco Chanel

As we know, I love me some fab shoes and clothes. In addition to clothes and shoes I also have been known to change my entire look with some frequency.  Hair color, cut (I just got bangs in December and am already considering growing the out!), and overall hair style. In some ways this can make each day a special event; but today I am going to talk about special event style.

I am lucky that working in the Entertainment business that I often find myself with the exciting opportunity to go to cool events in TV, Film and Music.

Additionally in my work with The March of Dimes, KSP and I have participated in some wonderful events as speakers and presenters.

All of this means that in addition to my ever-growing affinity for cotton, lycra and slouchy comfy clothing, I must be able to put together an outfit and overall look that shows that I am presentable in public!

The good news is that I do love to dress up for special events. Hair, makeup, clothes, shoes, the whole bit.  Now that it’s Spring, it seems that it’s special event season in our family so it was time to gear up and figure out a go-to look.

I like to prepare and plan but I am one of those who pops into Walgreens for an eye patch for E or baby lotion for Q and leaves with an armful of goodies.  Today was no different.  In addition to the makeup goodies I selected for my special event look, I also got some awesome bubbles and Winto-green Lifesavers to which I might be a teensy bit addicted.

Outside my local Walgreens.
Selecting my goodies..

Once home, it was time to develop my plan of attack and practice.

The look will be natural but with depth and will play up my favorite feature, my eyes. Let the games begin!

After prepping my face, I decided to take a photo with no makeup to show the contrast of the outcome.

Me with no makeup. It is only a little terrifying to take this photo:)

The finished product.

Yes, it is strange to take a picture or yourself this close, but this is the post-makeover makeup look:) A slightly smokey eye but still natural.

Time to get dressed.

The whole look pulled together. Great for a finale, premiere or any other special event here in LA.

Overall, I think I have a good plan from hair, to makeup, to outfit and shoes. I am ready!  Playing dress up most certainly makes today ‘anewfavoriteday.’ And, when all is said and done, I get to come home to my most special event each day…dinner time with my minis and then our new Bubbles!

E showing off her own special event style. Every great look needs a bib:)
Q always likes a beverage when he thinks about his own special event style.

What’s your special event style? Do you like dressing up?

13 thoughts on “Dress up? Yes please. Special event style.

  1. Very cuuuute! The only “special events” I attend are singin’ for the offertory every so often in church, or leading a worship night once a month, ha, ha. And, even then, I usually strut a pair of blue jeans, a cute top, and my best cowboy boots! My daughter loves her Aunty Sue because she dresses up fancy….I love to help her do the same. But, she’s finally accepted that mom would BE pair of blue jeans if she could-LOL! Thanks for sharing-you look grrrrreat! 🙂

  2. You look great! This made me realize how long it has been since I got all fancied up. Actually, I have no idea- it’s that long. So sad. I’d better change that. And yes, it’s damn near impossible to leave Walgreens without buying thirty thousand more things than what you went in for. Thanks so much for coming to visit me yesterday for my SITS day!

  3. Love little E….go sweet baby. You know your posts always remind me of the little things other may take for granted. I mention this this week as the clock is ticking for Roan to be in K in a year an half. His motor planning is a HUGE area he needs to grow so his body isn’t exhausted and he can actually sit up right for long periods of time. He can’t do it more then a few minutes now and one of his goals is to do this for 15 minutes on floor time or table time at pre-school. It just wears him out.

    Also, as I prepared Aidan for his first field trip without mommy this week all the complexities I had to factor in took 2 hours or readiness.

    So my point is…cherish these amazing moments…:)

    1. no idea why this posted here..LOL. Been having problems posting to your blog because I have a wordpress account and it wants me to log in. At which I can’t remember my log in…

      Boy I love me some shoes, makeup and dress up also. We need a girls shopping trip.

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