It’s not just a cliche if you believe…believe it.



It doesn’t have to be dramatic, it can be small or large. It’s really all about your context and being open to seeing that there may have been some raindrops but now there is a rainbow.  I saw a few rainbows this morning (not literal after all it is 95 degrees and it’s only 10:45 am), but in having coffee with an old and dear friend and subsequently receiving an email from a friend who recommended me for a position (volunteer) that I have been hoping and dreaming of since all of these events have happened with our family, the pieces start to fall together and I am reminded that indeed, it’s not just a cliche, but “everything does happen for a reason.”


2 thoughts on “It’s not just a cliche if you believe…believe it.

  1. Shannon – I love your sentiment. When we’re blessed with a surprise, rainbow or something else, it can make the dark times manageable. Optimism and a good memory for happy stuff is the only way to go!

    So glad I found you on SITS!

    1. Lila, thanks so much for coming to visit and for commenting! Totally, it’s not always so clear at the time but when you can look back and put the pieces together it can give you renewed hope and sense of everything is as it should be! I will check out too…so nice to connect with you.

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