New Year, Old Reminders


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As we all head into a new year, perhaps full of good intentions (and you know what they say about those), it seems like a good time to look at guiding sentiments with new eyes and new breath. To take words like these and make them tenants for ourselves and for our treatment and interactions with others is a choice and a gift. When we observe, see, listen, hear, act, speak, think and feel, we can practice compassion, patience, kindness, and empathy with ourselves and others. I hope you will agree if we stop to do this for even a brief moment, it can help to try to make each day of 2012 ‘ournewfavoriteday.’

Are there any rules of the proverbial road that you live by? Mine is to treat others as I want to be treated. What are yours?

8 thoughts on “New Year, Old Reminders

  1. Totally agree with you Shannon and love the pin. I definitely think we could all practice a little more tolerance. I have an adapted version of the Golden Rule that I try to live by: treat others as *they* would like to be treated. Best wishes for 2012!

  2. Hmm, rules I live by? I have definitely learned not to take a single day for granted and try to be in the moment as much as I can. How’s that :)?

  3. Same for me….to treat others the way I want to be treated. Definitely. Laugh! Appreciate your friends. Those are all “for sures” for me. Happy new year!

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