Red Light, Green Light and the joys of Yellow Light.

Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going to fast – you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.” ~ Eddie Cantor

“Red Light, STOP!”

“Green Light, run run run!”

Fits of giggles and laughter from little Q filled the air.  It was a simple day. We had a lot of work going on in house, which basically had our house looking like a scene from the movie “Outbreak” without the rabid monkey, so Q and I decided to stroll down to Starbucks.  It was a sunny day.   The bright sun warmed my shoulders like a light blanket, and we walked slowly.  On our way, Q stopped to point out and count street numbers, white fences, blades of grass, big trees, black cars, and flashing lights.  We weren’t in hurry, so we ambled.

On our way home, after more of the same 3 year old musings, he suddenly burst out with “Red Light!”  It caught me off guard, but as if channeling my owner inner child, I stopped in my tracks.  He instantly laughed and shouted “Green Light!,” to which I grabbed his hand and said in a silly voice, “run, run, run, run.”

“Red Light!” he shouted again and we stopped in our tracks.  In that moment, I decided to introduce ‘Yellow Light.’

I put on my best slow motion voice, and dramatically grabbed his hand and said “Slllllloooooowwwww, slooooooowwww, sllllooooooowwww,” while moving our bodies super slow over the sidewalk.  Quinn giggled and yelled “Green Light.”  Again we laughed and ran, and then it was time for “Red Light!”  I once again tried the “Yellow Light, Slllllloooooowwwww, slooooooowwww, sllllooooooowwww,” and while we still giggled, I could feel the urgency in both of us to get to the fun stuff, “Red Light, Green Light.”

But why did we need to rush? Why did it feel uncomfortable to slow down and not be running, or not be completely stopped?  When we were going slow, I could feel each movement and my mind raced with how much fun I was having just being with Q. Playing this very simple game in the sunshine with my little bug. I could feel the emotions of the moment.

It was then I realized how fast we live our lives. Of course I know this in my mind, but our day to day lives require speed and a pace to keep up with everything.  But in the ‘Yellow Light,’ I also caught myself and made a note to take a few minutes each day to find our ‘Yellow Light’ with each of the minis.  To not be so focused on what we need to do, getting out the door, therapies, schedules and to focus more on silliness, giggles, sweet moments of peace, and cuddles.

I do not want to miss where we are going and why. I want to remember always that no matter where we are going, we are together and we are going the same direction. That my minis will always know that they can stop me for a special moment and that in my ability to slow down, I will recognize it and enjoy it and make it special for them.

Since 2 weeks ago, I have done more singing, imaginary voices, silly jokes, and surprise tickles and no longer is ‘Yellow Light’ so unfamiliar and slightly uncomfortable. I hope you can all find a few minutes each day for a ‘Yellow Light.’  No matter what’s happening, and even if it’s the moment where you crawl in bed at night after a long day, let that moment be your ‘Yellow Light’ and make that day ‘anewfavoriteday.’ 


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5 thoughts on “Red Light, Green Light and the joys of Yellow Light.

  1. immediately, this reminds me of that scene in “Taxi” when Fr. Jim was taking the driver’s test to become a cabbie. i see that this post is not about that, but he did slow down the way he spoke… a comical moment and yes, we can all learn by slowing down a lot. life is better when we feel the feelings and live in the moments.

  2. I love this post, Shannon! I have the same sentiment, and it runs deeply to my core: how important it is to slow down in this life. I was lucky enough to share some precious moments with my little one, too, who more and more wants sleep overs and time with her friends instead of hanging with mom. But, when a sleep over fell through Friday night, I snapped up the occasion to rent us a movie, grab a pizza for dinner, and settle in for a nice, calm night sharing precious time with Maycee. It was glorius, and maybe I needed it more than she did because I know how quickly she is growing, but, after a full weekend of just me and her, even she was beaming by Sunday night saying how much fun she’d had (including some tickle sessions). Thanks for sharing, and I hope you and your family are doing great! Lots of hugs. XOXO-SWM, Kasey

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