A letter to me….our 20 years apart.

I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today.” ~ William Allen White

As a happy most days woman, who will be 38 in just 2 days, I can hardly believe it’s been 20 years since I was 18 years old.  I don’t know that I ever really felt 18 as my soul always felt older and wiser. I had moments where I could be 18. That girl felt like she was dancing through my soul in passing, never quite able to grasp that we were that young.  Yet, in hindsight as I look back in my memories, that girl was around more than I ever thought. In fits of giggles with my girls, in long trips with best friends in college, in new adventures of summertime and in crushes come and gone.  That girl looked at the future as a goal, as something to achieve not as an experience to be had with concrete moments.

Today, I have an opportunity to tell my sweet 18 year old girl what awaits her and what very valuable lessons she will learn along the way. I not sure that girl would actually open the letter…to find out what awaits in the future would seem like cheating in her magical thinking mind, but just for that I wrote some notes on the outside of the envelope which I have mailed to my friend Jamie at http://www.chosenchaos.com where she is opening the letter as part of her “If I Could Turn Back Time” series for both my 18 and 37 and 363 day old self.

If you haven’t met Jamie, she is fabulous and a mama of twins just like moi.  She did one up me, make that 2 up me with her 4 adorable minis.  I love reading Jamie’s words, she is so darn relatable and sweet and funny and you just want to hang out with her drink some wine and talk about EVERYTHING. So, needless to say, I trust her with all of my selves and today I invite you to come meet her and spend some time with me talking to me (let the sarcastic comments begin, because I am having the same imagery as you!)

Here is a link to the post:  “A Letter to Me.”

Happy ‘NewFavoriteDay’ everyone!

Cover image source:  http://www.healthforthewholeself.com

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