Love…Infinity X Infinity.

“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.”
— Agatha Christie

If you are a “Revenge” fan like me, then you will have been excited about the return of a new episode last night. As it hasn’t yet aired as I type this, I am excited to see just what Emily has gotten herself into now. If you aren’t familiar with the show, Emily is avenging the unjust prosecution and subsequent killing of her father.  One of the things that carries through the entire series is the “infinity x infinity symbol” that was their sign between them as a Father and Daughter.  It was a gift he gave her that she could always take with her.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I think about all the “Infinity x Infinity” loved ones in my life. KSP, my little Q and E, our family and friends.  In the past, when it was just me, or even in a relationship I was never a big Valentine’s Day person, mostly because I never had a lot of boyfriends, just guy friends.  But, I have always loved love.  Now that I am a mother, I love teaching my minis about love. About what it means to love. To show love. To give love. To receive love. So that they know that their parents love one another and will provide as best we can a stable foundation of love that they can draw from. So that they know how much they are loved. That “Infinity x Infinity” can only begin to scratch the surface of how much they are loved.  There is a pure beauty and simplicity in the concept of “Infinity  x Infinity.”  As a mother, I am also sometimes surprised by the power of my love for Q and E.  The strength it gives me to fight on their behalf, to speak up when I don’t think they are getting what they deserve when my voice might have failed me in the past, and the purest joy when I achieve something they need.  It is in these times that I truly no that this love defies anything that can be explained and transform a person into something they never knew or thought they could be.

So as I love love, and there is a holiday about love approaching this week, I will be embarking upon a little project with my minis. The plan is we will make cookies, and also cut out some hearts to make our own little version of cards for those we love.  While I can promise the cookies will probably turn out well, and the cards probably will not (I am not so crafty, but I try:)), there was also a special treat for me this week to remind me as an outward symbol of the infinite love I feel and receive. HElZBERG Diamonds reached out to me as they know about my guilty pleasure “Revenge” to ask me I would accept a pair of their new”Infinity X Infinity” collection diamond earrings, I had to say yes, who wouldn’t?  It was a perfect combination of 3 things, a symbol of  infinite love, beautiful earrings, and a lovely reminder that while we also love all those around us, sometimes it’s important to be reminded that we are loved, and that we love ourselves.

Infinity X Infinity Diamond Earrings in Sterling Silver

It was such fun treat for me, and I even got to wear them already!  So as you think about showing symbols of love on Valentine’s Day, whether to someone else, or even just yourself, be sure to check out the other beautiful options available from the collection and if you are a “Revenge” fan, it will be even that much more fun!  A big thanks to HELZBERG Diamonds for the special treat for me!

Whether or not you like Valentine’s Day, I hope this Thursday you will appreciate all those that you love and that love you.  Grand and small gestures alike can make someone feel special and when we help someone feel special, it can put all of us in a place to have “anewfavoriteday.” I know I will be appreciating all of you for the infinite love and support you have given me and our family in the past 2 years.


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4 thoughts on “Love…Infinity X Infinity.

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day, Shannon! Oh, those earrings are indeed lovely, and I bet you look beautiful in them, too. 🙂 Hope your day with your family was wonderful. Maycee’s been under the weather battling the flu, but she’s on the mend today. We’ll be celebrating with a heart-shaped pizza made by our local pizza parlor, thus making Maycee happy and also giving this SWM a break from cooking and dishes-making for a nice holiday for sure. Lots of hugs! XOXO

      1. Maycee is well from the flu but she shifted into high anxiety after being sick for so long and is having trouble attending school. She’s become depressed, as well, so I’m working on finding counseling for her and have taken her to one hypnotherapy session as of yesterday, which helped a little. It’s been very hard, as my girl has always been so cheerful, silly, and happy. I’ve never experienced anything like this, but I know we’ll get through it. 🙂

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