The opportunity not obligation of Life.

“We become happier, much happier, when we realize that life is an opportunity rather than an obligation.” ~ Mary Augustine

In hustling about our daily lives, we all often feel some degree of stress. Whether it’s being busy with work, home, kids, family, medical, financial, well-being, etc, you just feel stressed. Lots of obligations. Such a compulsory word, obligations.

Sooo, going into this weekend, I am making a conscious decision to flip these obligations on their head and look at them as opportunities. I am currently sitting in the parking lot at Ralphs where I now will have the opportunity to go grocery shopping. In light of this opportunity, I have also decided to cook a nice dinner for KSP and me using my very favorite chef Barefoot Contessa’s(Ina Garten) cookbooks. After this I will take the opportunity to pay our bills which I have been dreading as they have piled up in the move (pretty sure people will start calling soon, Shannon Pruitt, who?:) just kidding I am fiscally responsible). Even as I say it, I am chuckling inside but I do feel better about what used to be chores but are now recategorized. Already, ‘mynewfavoriteday’ is better! (I know, know you are probably thinking wow her life is so glamourous…I am sure you are jealous!) So now, you too can give it a try and good luck making today, Saturday and Sunday ‘yournewfavoritedays’ full of opportunities like laundry, yard work, catch up, honey-dos and the best opportunity of all being here, alive, spending time with family, friends, pets, or even yourself as a little quality time with oneself can be a gift in itself. What a lovely opportunity we all have to make each day our ‘newfavoriteday’.

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