Her take is Simple and Refreshing. “Mynewfavoriteweek’ly Inspiration.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

Lately I find myself craving simplicity. Perhaps it’s doing too many things at once all the time, or the new year pushing me towards organization, but I have been attempting to simplify my life in some ways. I am unsubscribing from email lists, making calendars to track my various commitments and creating schedules for myself so that I don’t go crazy feeling like I am running in one direction while being pulled in the other.

My guest on today’s “Mynewfavoriteweek’ly Inspiration.’ is like a breath of fresh air wrapped up in her simplicity and focus. Her name is Nina Badzin and she is a writer and a blogger and a mom of 4, with one being just a wee tiny thing (I bow down to you!:)).   I came upon her on Writer’s Unboxed and then read her post about “Best Practices on Twitter.”  After reading her practical take on the matter, I was an instant fan. I followed her to her blog where I consumed everything she had to say, but lest you think she is all blogging and twitter tips, she is much more.

Once I found Nina, I decided I LOVED her choices on  The 50/50 Book and Movie Challenge.  Her coverage of the book, “MWF Seeking BFF.” by Rachel Bertsche, which as a serial mover (not any more, 7 years in LA and counting!),  I can so relate to, and showed me a kindred spirit in our love of books.

And then, the lovely and talented Nina announced she was starting a new series, Hobbies and Habits, for which I knew I had the perfect post…me making a fool of myself doing something I had wanted to try but hadn’t, Zumba!  As you may know from the “Me-Moon Challenge,” I am committed to doing more for me this year, and Zumba was the starting line.  Nina kindly agreed that she would feature my silliness on her series and so it was, I did Zumba and had a blast!

Finding Nina in this blogosphere has given me a bit of the nudge I needed to give myself a break. To focus , to be deliberate in how I approach this bloggy and social universe, and for that I am incredibly grateful! Keep it Simple!

Without further adieu please meet the lovely and talented Nina Badzin.

1. Shannon:  Why and when did you start blogging?

Nina:  I was spending a lot of time writing a novel, but during breaks I’d read blogs. Reading blogs and commenting led to some guest posting gigs on big blogs like Scary Mommy, Writer Unboxed, and TCJewfolk. After experiencing the thrill of receiving comments I was immediately hooked. I started my blog in November, 2010.

2. Shannon:  Where would we find you now on your blogging journey from where you started?

Nina: After a year+ I’m still playing around with my blog. I’m constantly changing the look of it and reconsidering topics. I don’t have a definite niche, but I think I have a specific voice. This year I’m experimenting with hosting guest bloggers once a month around the theme of “hobbies and habits.” I’m interested in how people manage to take on new hobbies as adults and how people let go of bad habits and start better ones. In general I find it’s hard to change. I’m fascinated with other people’s success stories.

3. Shannon:  Not only do you blog, but you are a writer with several published stories.  How do you find the time to write with kids your blog and family time and everything else that life demands?

Nina:  I wish I could provide a magical solution to the time issue. To fit in time for all the writing I want to do in addition to blogging or even just to do things like get to the dentist by myself I have a wonderful nanny who helps keep me sane. (My kids are 7, 5, 2.5, and 2 months.) One trick I can provide, however, is minimizing my television time. The TV is only on if I’m cooking, cleaning up the kitchen, or exercising. The truth is, I spend way too much time in front of my computer. My husband is incredibly supportive about the writing and blogging, but he’s the first to tell me when things are getting too virtual.

4. Shannon:  Who or what do you find inspiring?

Nina:  I find it inspiring when people forge their own paths and don’t just do what’s expected of them.

5. Shannon:  If you were trapped on a deserted island, what 3 things would you bring with you?

Nina:  My husband, my kids, and a large raft to get ourselves some help.

6.  Shannon:  What is one thing about you people might be surprised to know/learn about you (Funny or serious)?

Nina:  Although I limit my TV time, most of what I watch is meant for teenagers. I love The Lying Game, Gossip Girl, and 90210. And I’ve probably seen every episode of Gilmore Girls, Dawson’s Creek, and Felicity at least four times.

7. Shannon:  Did you make any New Year Resolutions and have you followed through so far?

Nina:  I made a resolution to “eat like an adult” (aka, a lot more vegetables and a lot less junk). So far I’ve been successful on an average of 6/7 days each week. Not bad!

8.  Shannon:  What are 3 things you hope people will take away from visiting your blog or reading your stories?


  1. Blogs are great for setting goals. Because of the blog I read a book a week in 2011 and have continued that pace in 2012.
  2. It’s unnecessary to thank everyone on Twitter for every single mention. (My Twitter tips have been my most popular posts.)
  3.  As for the stories, I’d just be thrilled to know anyone has read them!

9.  Shannon:  What pearl(s) of wisdom can you leave us with that you suggest to make each say ‘anewfavoriteday?’

Nina:  It’s become cliché, but it’s true: If you don’t try, you’re sure to fail.

Thank you so so so much Nina for being here.  If you would like to visit Nina, please visit her at Nina Badzin’s Blog.

You can also find and follow her on Twitter at @NinaBadzin


Happy “newfavoriteday’ everyone!  If you would like to read more interviews from the “Mynewfavoriteweek’ly Inspiration,” series, our featured guests would love to hear from you!

33 thoughts on “Her take is Simple and Refreshing. “Mynewfavoriteweek’ly Inspiration.

  1. Thanks Shannon and Nina!
    Gratitude and simplifying life are two things currently high on my “to do” list. Organizing, time and exercising … Right up there too! I am inspired by your thoughtful musings and grateful that you make the time to share with us.
    Zumba IS awesome and I am motivated to get back to doing it!!

      1. SO easy! Instead of checking your comments from you blog, check them from the email address associated with your blog.

        1. When you want to respond, hit reply, which will put the big long response blog address in the reply box. Leave that there. It was to be there. Also leave the entire comment in the text area.
        2. Copy and paste the commenters email address into the “cc” area.
        3. Write your response and hit send. The comment then appears right where it should on the blog as well as in the other person’s inbox.

  2. Love the Twitter tips – omg I thought I had to thank everyone for every single mention. THANK YOU (pardon the pun) for telling me I DO NOT. Whew! That’s a relief!
    So glad I read this.

    1. Ado, I have to warn you that not every person agrees, but if you read the comments on that post, I’d say that most people 100% agree that the constant thanking is overkill–especially the thank yous that are written as regular tweets (rather than @mentions) that everyone has to see. If 1800 people follow me then 1800 people do not need to read my thank you to one person.

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