“Mynewfavoriteweek’ly Inspiration” Series

I started this series because I am inspired by many things in many different facets of life.  Creative people, intelligent people, dedicated people in areas of writing, crafting, cooking, beauty and fashion, wine, business and overall inspiration. I do a post in this series 2-3 times per month to highlight someone or something that I find inspiring, interesting and educational.  If you think you are this person and are interested in being featured, please feel free to reach out to me and we will coordinate an opportunity!

An Interview with author and blogger Deborah Bryan of “The Monster in Your Closet.”

An interview with Katy from the popular blog “I Want a Dumpster Baby.”

An interview with author and very funny Jenny from “Holdin’ Holden.”

An interview with my friend and celebrity event planner, Brian Worley about “how to plan a fantastic holiday soiree!”

An interview with my dear friend Michelle who pursued her dreams and  launched her own successful wine label, David Family Wines.

An interview with my friend Jennifer who left her career to follow her dream of making beautiful jewelry.

An interview with Humanitarian and Author, Conor Grennan who not only started a foundation reunite children being trafficked in Nepal with their families, he wrote a book chronicling his experience.

An interview with the most notable blogger on the topic of Postpartum Depression. An often misunderstood and fearful topic.  Katherine Stone gives hope and progress back to mothers.

Our first joint interview with 2 very funny yet poignant bloggers. The Klonopin Chronicles and Unconventional Wisdom.

Building her local community spirits, one dress at a time. My dear friend Michelle, from “What I Wore.”

An interview with a notable blogger, author and social media expert Nina Bazdin.

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