The 12 month “me-moon” Challenge.

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Seeing this quote got me thinking about a conversation that I recently had with my friend A regarding her recent business trip to New York.  Her walk through SOHO along the cobblestone streets with the chill in the air.  Her scarf pulled tightly around her neck to shield her from the foreign and exhilarating cold. Her time to read a book on the plane and relish in the peace that was accompanied being all alone.  The complete antithesis of feeling all alone in a crowd of people, she celebrated being alone.  She called it a “me-moon.” Like a honeymoon but just for her.

It wasn’t that she didn’t love or miss her wonderful husband and children, but how rarely we do anything for just us.  Where we have the opportunity to relish peace and the only person who needs us, is us.

As part of my job prior to 2 years ago,  I would frequently travel to New York, even right  up until the twins were born at 7 months. I love the city. Even in the winter. The bite of the wind, the noise of the cabs and the flickering lights, as they bathe you in the warmth of advertiser messages.

In hearing her story, I realized how much I have missed New York.

Or maybe, it was just the time for me.

Or maybe it was both.

So this year, as we have evolved as a family so have I.  I have lived most of my adult life in a co-dependent, or  as of the last 2 years, some sort of post-traumatic stress syndrome state. With the sea of opportunity as my mental health has improved, so have my opportunities to stop wandering past myself and see the wonder of what makes me happy. Mini “me-moons” if you will.

Each month I will choose something new to do, or something I have always wanted to do, or something that pushes me to see the wonder of my moment, for just me.  It could be a Zumba dance class (it will actually be in January, look for a guest post on this in February), recording a studio album of cover songs (I love to sing), taking a photography class,  allowing myself to be consumed by a book for more than 10 minutes as I nod of to sleep in bed, having a glass of wine with a friend, or gasp, perhaps even a girls weekend! Maybe even a trip to New York.

I don’t even know yet all the things that will make up my me-moons but that is part of the joy, excitement and the challenge.

I would love to open this up to you all as well.  I would love you to join me on the “me-moon” challenge journey. To share something each month that you have done, just because you wanted to.  It might be watching a movie, or planning a trip.  Anything is great as it’s all yours.

Would you be up for joining me so we can share and compare notes?  The excitement, relaxation, moments that lie ahead fill me with anticipation of many ‘newfavoritedays’ to come!

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15 Comments on “The 12 month “me-moon” Challenge.”

  1. Transitioning Mom Says:

    Another fabulous post! Congratulations on committing time to and for you. It’s an easy one to “sideline” in the throes of motherhood, especially with “special minis”, but then, they’re all special, aren’t they? Sharing this post on my page, because I think all mama’s need to remember we need time, too.


  2. Theresa Wright Says:

    Can’t wait to read all about your me-moons. Think I might need to plan some for myself, too! Thanks for the idea.


  3. Tracey Says:

    Love this idea! let’s do it! xoxo


  4. Lisha Says:

    I watched a movie in my living room last week. It’s a start!


  5. Y'vonne Says:

    I have a huge live of NYC as i travelled back and forth monthly for years with my last job. The story reminds me so much of how i felt back in that time and how much i miss my me moons there and favorite places.

    You should join me in August 🙂


  6. Lisha Says:

    As I’m extremely resistant to measured challenges (fear of failure talking) I resisted accepting the “challenge.” But Wednesday I had lunch with a friend. And in 90 minutes I recharged my batteries in a way I couldn’t imagine.

    So count me in!



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