Do you still have or remember your Grandparents? What do they mean to you?

“What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life. And, most importantly, cookies.”– Rudolph Giuliani

Today is a special day, as October 5th was the anniversary of my beloved Grandma Grace and Grandpa Virgil. If my math is right, and my mom can confirm, they would have been married 70 years today.

Now that they have been gone for 6 years and 4 years respectively, I still see them from time to time in my dreams and sometimes in my heart as I walk down the street. As you may be able to tell, I was very close to my grandma and grandpa, and as a child they were like the sun, moon and stars to me. They only lived about 1/4 mile from our apartment and the first time I ever ran away, it was to their house that I tried to go. Not because I wanted to get away, but because I wanted to be with them. They cherished my sisters and me and no matter what, they had our back.

Me as a wee one hanging with Grandma and Grandpa
Pursuing musical interests
Grandma with me and D ~ always entertaining
D, mom, Grandam and K at my highschool graduation (yes, it was only 8 years ago:) ok, add 11)

Last Friday as I was bringing E out of her Occupational Therapy appointment, and we walked to the car, we found ourselves behind an older man who was making his way delicately down the sidewalk. Slowly moving yet hurriedly shuffling. As if a ray of sun shone down directly and intensely on this man, I looked at him and the feeling of being near my grandpa and grandma overcame me.

I hugged E tightly to my chest and explained to her, yet again (she must at some point in her little mind think I am a bit loopy for as much as I tell her about them) how much her great grandparents would have loved her. I tell her about how I believe that they cradled she and Q gently in their arms before sending them down to us right after my Grandpa passed (2 souls gone to be replaced with our precious angels). That she is so blessed to have them now as her guardian angels (literally, I think they saved her life one night 3 weeks after she came home from the NICU), and, that it is such an honor for her to have her great grandma’s name as her middle name, Grace. And finally, about how, I was sad that they are no longer here and that I miss them.

But today, as I wake up with my babies and my grandma and grandpa looking down on us, I will raise a ba-ba and cheers to their 70th (ish) anniversary. I will tell the babies about how much I loved their great-grandma and grandpa and how mama and dada will be using them as example for our marriage in the many years to come. Thinking of them smiling down on us will bring us ‘ournewfavoriteday.’

Is anyone smiling down on you today? If there is anyone, like a grandparent, parent, sister, brother, best friend, that you have lost, I wish you fondness in thinking of them today and I hope that they love you felt for them and they for you, can make today ‘yournewfavoriteday.’

Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa. Thank you for the love, kindness, commitment, raisin toast, OJ, ice cream, being with me to learn to ride a bike, washing my scraped knees, keeping us clothed, patience, Lawrence Welk and for just about everything you did for us. I love and miss you.

Still together, just no longer with us. Happy Anniversary.

10 thoughts on “Do you still have or remember your Grandparents? What do they mean to you?

  1. I grew up being very close to my mom’s parents who are Romanian. They don’t speak much English and my grandmother was the one who took care of my sister and I while my parents were at work (and thanks to her, my sister and I grew up bi-lingual). I’m still close with her and my grandfather, who had a near death experience a few years ago when he was mugged, beat up, run over by a car and left for dead in alley. He miraculously made it through and I cherish every time I get to see him and my grandmother. The only grandparent I have lost is my paternal grandfather in May of 2010. I was in the room when it happened and I could literally feel his soul leaving, but I knew it was going to a place of peace, and I was happy that he was no longer in pain. He was a hardworking man who said his best accomplishment was raising his children well so they could raise his grandchildren well. Grandparents can just be very special individuals in one’s life.

    1. Awww Alex, this is so lovely. That is a horrible story about your grandfather, I am glad to hear he is ok now, but that’s so scary. It’s so lovely that you are close with him. We must be kindred spirits in knowing when our grandparents souls left this place to somewhere more peaceful. They can be very special and I love to hear stories of others who have that special relationship. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Very sweet post Shannon. My grandma, who was like a third parent to me, passed away last month. My sister and I took care of her until her last day. I hope to keep her memory alive with my children. My daughter Lucy May was named for her, and even though she will probably not remember her well (Lucy’s 3) I am so grateful that she knew her Gramma Peggy (May). I do feel her smiling down on us every day, and laughing when Lucy sings nonsense songs, or one of my boys makes us all laugh at the dinner table. Thank you.

  3. I am so sorry about your grandma’s passing Melissa. It is so sad to say goodbye and so lovely to try and keep those memories alive in your heart and pass along to your children. I love the namesake it is such a beautiful way to honor your grandma and in some ways keeps them with us even when they can’t be here physically. Thanks for sharing your story, I know that must be very hard especially being so fresh. Big hugs to you and thanks for letting us learn about Peggy May too! xo

  4. This post made me cry, the kind of tears I not only don’t mind but rejoice. I never knew my biological grandparents well, but I “adopted” my childhood next door neighbor as one. I think of him often and fondly.

    And every weekend when I take Li’l D to visit his gramma and great gramma, I rejoice that he’s going to (hopefully) have a very different experience than his mama’s.

    1. So sweet, thanks for sharing this experience. It sounds like Lil’d is already having a different experience and is on his way to many happy memories with gramma and great gramma:)

      As for your neighbor I suspect you brought them as much joy if not more than they brought you:)

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