“Let’s Bee Friends!”

How I Picture Bruna, always Smiling:) - Shared from Pinterest

I first met the lovely Bruna when I saw her oh so sweet Button on a number of other blogs.  Her blog is called “Bees with Honey” and is a sweetest and most cozy place in this oh so big Blogospehere.  When I got to her blog I felt like I had taken a deep breath of fresh air and instantly determined it was a place I would like to spend more time.  As she lives in Vancouver BC, I also  instantly felt a NorthWest connection and when I saw this inspiring quote above, it had Bruna’s name written all over it!

As part of her lovely community, Bruna hosts a weekly linkup called “Let’s Bee Friends” and hosts other folks like me to post a “10 Things about Me” post.  Now, you may feel like you know everything about me at this point (or at least everything you care to know) but I assure you I still have a few surprises tucked away.  Have you ever voluntarily drank sulphur water?  I have! Yep, and if that isn’t enough to peak your interest how about the fact I have a full-fledged strategy about how to enter and be cast on “The Amazing Race,” which I would probably win, just in case you were wondering.  Please take the time to come over and visit, learn a little more and say hi to Bruna and if you like her digs as much as I do follow her blog or on Twitter!

Let's BEE Friends

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