Shorter Days, Longer Nights, and a Future Worth Living For.

“A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for” ~ Anonymous

Oh how this is all true and the last part I feel everyday, in moments too many to count.

As you all came on “the haircut” journey yesterday, there have been more most precious moments for the whole family that have occurred as huge milestones over the past few weeks which have altered our little world.

To start with a massive SCOOT forward, Miss E has started scooting around lightning fast on her touchey and showering her brother with her unwavering love for him….it is fair to say he is not always entirely thrilled with her unbridled enthusiasm for him.

Hey, what's Q doing. I LOVE whatever he is doing.
And now that I can, I will take that off your hands Q...giggle.

Miss E has also started feeding herself her bottle, which is a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE milestone for our whole family as she has gone from a completely dependent infant to a little girl with a level of independence for which she is most thrilled and for which we are grateful on a host of levels. Grateful and relieved: for what it means for her now, for us as her parents, and for her future prognosis.

So proud of her new mad feeding skillzzz

And then, there was this moment over the weekend.  On Sunday as we relished in some family time, Q gave us a little gift as he said his sister’s name “Ehhh Ma” for the first time. Both KSP and I stopped in our tracks and smiled with glee. Spring has sprung in our home with the bond between them now vocalized and the sweetness with which he utters her name melts my heart.

And so we keep moving forward. Milestones, smiles, new firsts and healing.

As our family moves forward so does this blog thanks to all of you. As part of this “Little Engine that Could,” ‘Mynewfavoriteday’ has been nominated for Babble’s Top 100 Mom Blog for 2012 and I am beyond thrilled.  If you like and support this blog, I would be so grateful for your vote.

Essentially all you need is a Facebook account and you click on the badge below.  From there you will arrive on my voting page and click “Like” on my blog to vote and that’s it! Very easy (much easier than the vote and no spam:))!  I would be so grateful and thank you so much to those of you that have already voted.

With all of this growth and progress, my heart feels progressively lighter.  Like life in general, there are good days and not so good days, but the good days now outnumber the not-so-good and that is enough to help remind me to make each day ‘mynewfavoriteday.’ In the end, while having a baby, or 2 babies, under any circumstances may be the greatest challenge of your life, I hope the rewards for you have been the same as my experience in that the moments of joy give me enough happiness for a 1,000 lifetimes.

Do you feel like you or someone you love has made strides forward lately?  In a decision made, in the a challenging situation or even something happy like a new job?  Can this progress helped to make today ‘yournewfavoriteday?’

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15 thoughts on “Shorter Days, Longer Nights, and a Future Worth Living For.

  1. Shannon, great post, as always.

    To answer your question: Tristan has finally taken to spontaneous, full sentence speech (he’s 7). It was surprising and wonderful to hear him respond to a question without one of his “canned” responses. When I told him he needed a haircut, he said, “I don’t need a haircut.” Doesn’t seem like a big deal, but up until this point, his speech has consisted of responses that are either very short (and easy to repeat – like “yes” or “no”) or quotes from TV or movies.

    To answer your question again: I got a regular writing job recently (one of my goals when I got fired 3 months ago). It’s not much and it doesn’t pay, but it has given me the validation that I needed to know I made the right choice in pursuing writing.

    1. Eric, how amazing is that? IT IS a huge deal and your heart must have been so full in that moment. Those moments you wait for, wondering if they will ever happen. I am so thrilled for you. And a big congrats to you on your writing gig. You got it, it’s yours and that’s awesome. We all need those signs now and then and I am happy you got some major ones. Thanks for sharing with me:)

  2. Oh this post made my heart swell. I just love how you share your little family with us so graciously. HUGE developments for you. I’m so very happy for you. Much love.

  3. What a wonderful heart-warmer of a post! You have my vote for the Babble Top 100 Mom Blogs Awards. Tried to post a comment here a couple of days back, but something technical occurred!

  4. Awwww precious. Brings back such sweet memories for me. Roan was/is motor delayed. I remember when he finally bece mobile by butt scooting (never did crawl)

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