Meet “Mynewfavoritedayweek’ly Inspiration:” She’s sweet as honey!

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May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human enough hope to make you happy.” ~ Unknown

When I think about today’s guest, Bruna from “Bees with Honey,” this is what comes to mind when I see her smiling face and read her optimistic and lovely outlook.  Pure sweetness. As I said when I guest posted on her blog in early March, once I found her little corner of the blogosphere, I knew I found a  place I could sit down, take a deep breath and have a cup of coffee.

Bruna is infectious in her good nature and I hope that when you read her words you will be as captivated with her cheer and optimism as I am and take the chance to go say hello and leave her a kind word.

I can’t thank Bruna for consistently giving me a nugget to make a day ‘anewfavoriteday.’ I hope she can do that for you as well!

Without further adieu, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to Bruna from “Bees with Honey.”

Isn't she just the sweetest thang?:)

1. Shannon:  Why and when did you start blogging?

Bruna:  My husband introduced me to the world of blogging. He suggested it would be a great way to stay connected with family across the country and his parents in the United States. We were sharing photos of our three daughters via Facebook and email.  The idea of creating a blog about our family was right up my alley.

I began blogging in 2010 under the blog name of Harmless Girl Talk. I think it only ran for 3-4 months as life was really busy for me during that time. I gave up writing for a short period of time.

In October of 2011, I began writing again.  I created a blog called Bees with Honey and have been going strong ever since. My blog’s name was created from the fact that from our family of five, three of us have names beginning with B.  My youngest daughter’s name begins with H. We call her the honey among all of us bees. I loved it. It stuck.
2.  Shannon:  Where would we find you now on your blogging journey from where you started?

Bruna:  I am no anywhere different from where I was when I first began blogging.  I find myself richer in the sense that I have met and gotten to know so many fabulous writers and mothers through my blogging journey.  I have even gone as far as meeting some local Mom Bloggers in person in the form of a Tweet Up Dinner party. I consider them special friends and still keep in contact with them today. I think we’re in the midst of planning our next get together!
3.  Shannon:  You are so full of joy and life and you spend your time developing our future leaders that are now minis as well as your own minis. How do you keep such a positive outlook with everything you juggle, teaching, motherhood, wife, sister, daughter, friend?

 Bruna:  I choose to see the world through a positive light. It keeps me happy and optimistic. I’m also a First Grade Teacher. A part of me has always stayed a little bit like a child and I cherish that part of me. Some people spend most of their life miserable and complaining about the injustices that have been done to them.  I’m just not that person.  I chose to count my blessings.
4.  Shannon:  Who or what do you find inspiring?

Bruna:  My family inspires me. I would have to say the children I teach inspire me the most.  They make me want to be a better teacher. They also help to keep me young at heart.
5.  Shannon:  If you had one whole day to yourself, where your minis were perfectly well taken care of, what would you do?

Bruna:  I would first and foremost allow myself to sleep in as long as I wanted. Then, I would spend the rest of the day pampering myself. Massage. Pedicure. Manicure. Hair Cut.  Lunch out with girlfriends. Dinner date with my hubby.  This would be my perfect day.

6.  Shannon:  What is one thing about you people might be surprised to know/learn about you (Funny or serious)?

Bruna:  I think I’ve pretty much shared all of my secrets with my readers already. The ones I’m allowed to talk about, that is. We’ve got to keep some things private now, don’t we? In a nutshell, I’m a pretty simple girl. How you read is me is what I’m like in real life.  Ask any Mom blogger who has met me in person. I’m just the girl next door.

7.  Shannon:  Did you make any New Year Resolutions and have you followed through so far?

Bruna:  No resolutions for me this year.  I started myself on a get healthy kick before the new year and have been going strong trying to keep myself on track.  As long as I keep on moving, I’m happy.

8.  Shannon:  What are 3 things you hope people will take away from visiting your blog or reading your stories?

Bruna:  I hope that my readers find humour in my stories about Motherhood. I hope they can find reassurance that they’re not alone in the journey we call parenthood. It’s not always sunshine and roses being a Mom.  There’s comfort in reading and meeting other women who feel and understand what you’re going through. I hope my readers get that when reading me. I’m no different than any other Mother. We have our good days and our bad days. Luckily, every new day is a change to start over.

9.  Shannon:  What pearl(s) of wisdom can you leave us with that you suggest to make each day ‘anewfavoriteday?’

Bruna:  Every day is new. It’s another chance to find yourself, challenge yourself, be yourself and love yourself. After all, life is what you make of it.

I hope you all saw what I see.  If you want to spend more time with Bruna, head on over to “Bees with Honey” and meet her gorgeous family.  You can also find Bruna on Twitter where she has a large  loyal following of folks who love her inspiring nature.  I hope you all have a day filled with joy and sweetness and that today is ‘yournewfavoriteday!’

Bees With Honey

20 thoughts on “Meet “Mynewfavoritedayweek’ly Inspiration:” She’s sweet as honey!

  1. Hi to both of you!

    I feel like Bruna is a very easy to love kind of person. She makes you feel like family and that is so important in our mommy community.

    Bruna, you are simple, but you are also a lady and with that no doubt you strive to take good care of yourself and your loved ones.

    Hugs hugs

    1. Aw, you are so sweet Nadia! I love the people I love, that’s for sure. Thanks for coming by Shannon’s place to read my interview. *Hugs*.

  2. I think there are some VERY lucky 1st graders in the world!! (Hmmm, my 1st Grade teacher only grunted when we looked her way…) Bruna seems as sweet as described, and it was fun to read and learn a bit about her. 🙂 I love these weekly inspirational interviews, Shannon! 🙂

    1. Thank you for the compliments! I love my students. They make my job enjoyable and every day is new and exciting in first grade 😛 Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I loved reading more about you Bruna. I feel we have a lot in common as teachers with the same anniversary and our positive outlook on life.

  4. I really like that you do this each week. I’m new to the blogging world and really like to hear the stories of other bloggers.

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