Words to live by….It’s going to be worth it.

Shared from Inspired Letters on Pinterest

I am not going to be long winded today as you have all so graciously read my posts this week where I admittedly got a little wordy (but I love it, so I am hoping you like it too:).  So today, as we head off to visit an intensive Therapy Program at UCLA for little E, I am reminding myself of this, even more than you. I suppress the fear that rises up in my throat when I think about where we are now, and replace it with the hope I feel in where we can go and that no matter what we sacrifice or have to decide on along the way, and how challenging it may be in that moment in time, it will and it is indeed all worth it.

With this optimism and faith, I wish you all a ‘newfavoriteday.’ And if there is anything in your own life that gives you pause, may you also keep this in mind and take the moment of pause to think about where you are headed and know in your heart it’s all worth it.


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