One of “Mynewfavoriteweek’ly Inspirations” is “Dumpster Diving,” Find out why.

You’ve done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination.” ~ Swedish Proverb

Determination, this is the word that strikes me when I think about the incredible person I am about to share with you.  As it happens so often in this bloggy world, I met her virtually through the awesome Deborah Bryan of “The Monster in Your Closet,”  (featured a couple of weeks ago in a “Mynewfavoriteweek’ly Inspiration post) and to be honest it was less of a meeting and more what would be the equivalent of a friendly wave.

I remember it vividly and distinctly.  I had been on Facebook for ‘mynewfavoriteday’ to build the community for some time and so many of my friends and loyal readers had ‘liked’ me (THANK YOU, bow, smile and waving arms in the air for your love) but I wasn’t really growing the message the way I had hoped, although I also only really used it for putting my posts up. And then one day about 4 weeks ago, Deb did what’s called a “Pimp” on Facebook, which is where someone writes a status update and basically refers other fans of theirs to come over and like you.  It was unprompted and so sweet, and I was completely clueless as to how it worked. It was my first foray into how communities of people grow. It was almost as if the seeds had been planted but Deb added the water, and Katy from “I Want a Dumpster Baby” was my first flower to sprout.

She simply dropped by and said “Looks good over here!”   Simple, but for me, powerful.

It was as if she took a chance on me. As is common, in the Facebook world, I wandered over to check her out.  I arrived to find her making a funny post filled with sarcasm and wit.  I popped over to her blog and I saw with my own eyes her determination and that special quality of being able to laugh in the face of adversity, while remaining grounded in determination and gratitude. 

I will let her tell you in her own words about herself and what exactly the challenges are that she deals with with grace, humor and pure, raw honesty.  As someone who met alcoholism in my own life, not as one, but having had a step parent who battled this demon, it is wonderful to hear Katy’s insights on one of her primary focus, staying sober and helping others.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to a lovely flower in the garden of life and who helps keep me inspired to stay determined, keep my sense of humor, and makes being on Facebook so much fun and in the end making each day ‘anewfavoriteday.’


Meet Katy from “I Want a Dumpster Baby.”

Love her specs!

“Mynewfavoriteweek’ly Inspiration”

Shannon:  Why is your blog called, “I want a Dumpster Baby?

Katy:  Because my husband and I are trying to have a baby and not having much luck.  I won’t go into a lot of details, but it’s been a challenge.  I love rescue animals and I would love a rescue baby the same way.  Also, it’s way cheaper to find a dumpster baby than adoption and in-vitro.  So it’s a joke, but really not at all.

Shannon:  If someone joins you now in your blogging journey, where would they find you now from where you came/started?

Katy:  I have more confidence now than when I first started.  There is a community out there of bloggers who support each other, but also, I’ve gained some loyal readers who make posting such fun.  I’ve celebrated 10 years sober since starting the blog and there have been several posts about that or referencing that.  Also, I’m more confident in my humor now.  People get it.  I wasn’t sure if they would when I first started.  There are a lot of people out there who relate to what I write about – they come out of the woodwork and I love it!  I just feel like I’ve found my voice and feel confident about it now as opposed to when I first started.  I would still do it if no one read it, but it feels really great to have people respond to it.

Shannon: You have been through some significant and challenging experiences, how do you feel about sharing those in your blog?

Katy:  Going off the previous answer, my biggest challenge was getting sober.  It is the most important thing in my life, without sobriety I have nothing.  So, I talk about it a lot.  And if people want to hear about that great, if they don’t then they won’t find me very interesting.  I just share my experience, strength and hope the best I can and hope people find it both enlightening and entertaining.  Sobriety is nothing without humor.

Shannon:  What inspires you in your daily life?

Katy:  People who fight to get and stay sober; Moms and Dads trying their best for their kids; Animal Rescuers and Activists and the animals that suffer and stay alive; underdogs in general – anyone who has been knocked down but gets back up and is stronger for it.  Genuine gratitude inspires me.  Quiet confidence inspires me and people who walk the walk without just talking the talk.  Put up or shut up, you know? When someone is passionate about something, I don’t even have to care about what they are passionate about – I just admire that passion in a person.

Shannon:  What do you think is your greatest accomplishment and why?

Katy:  Getting and staying sober, one day at a time, and helping other alcoholics.

Shannon:  What are 3 things you hope people will take away from spending time your blog?

Katy:  Laughter, acceptance and gratitude.

Shannon:  What are you grateful for today?

Katy:  This sounds redundant, but sobriety.  Without it I have nothing.  That said, I’m so grateful for my funny and wonderful husband, my family, my friends, my cats, a roof over my head, a good job.  that is the basic list every day.  The rest is all cake!  I never ever take any of it for granted.  I’m so grateful for everything I have gone through or I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Shannon:  Would you please leave us with a pearl of wisdom to help make it our readers ‘newfavoriteday?’

Katy:  I don’t know about pearls of wisdom, but I do know we have 24 hours to do the next right thing.  It starts every morning when we wake up.  I sound like an asshole when I say stuff like this, but I truly believe it.  I have a life beyond my wildest dreams and it’s all due to putting good energy out into the universe.  It comes back to me in many different ways and forms. Life is so much easier when I stop fighting everyone and everything.  It makes the battles I choose to fight that much more important.

So many of these things that Katy says resonate with me and I hope they do with you as well.  Today is a great day to put good energy into the universe and make today ‘yournewfavoriteday.’ Katy, thanks so much for taking the time to talk with. me and I hope you will all wander over to and say hello to Katy and if you are so inclined, read her words, find inspiration and make today a ‘newfavoriteday!’

13 thoughts on “One of “Mynewfavoriteweek’ly Inspirations” is “Dumpster Diving,” Find out why.

  1. So wonderful!! I particularly identified with this quote:

    “Quiet confidence inspires me and people who walk the walk without just talking the talk.”

    I used to live my life not paying attention to what people said, rather I watched what they did. Those within my life at that time “spoke” the truth with their actions, which were very different than what was spouting out of their mouths.

    Thank you for interviewing Katy, and a big thank you to Katy for being the interviewee!! You are two amazing women!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. I love the community being built by this powerful group of women. What a fabulous idea to do an interview. Love it.

    And NO this does not sound like an asshole talking….

    “…but I do know we have 24 hours to do the next right thing.”

    It sounds like truth and wisdom to me. I always say there is really only one way in which we were created equally…. each of us gets 24 in a day (except on those two days of year we screw with nature and arbitrarily change the time, but I digress.) What we do them is up to us.

    Great idea. Great post ladies.

    Gayle (a.k.a. a beautiful mess inside)

    1. This is so awesome. I love that you love the community building because I love it too! I am so inspired by all you women for so many different reasons. It’s lovely to learn more outside of the FB world or what you might write as a guest post. Don’t be surprised if I come a callin…I loved your post today (yesterday), and all those challenges make us who we are…which is pretty remarkable.

  3. Great interview with Katy. She is an inspiration to many of us, her bloggy friends. Love the pearl of wisdom, and find it so, so true. Thanks!

  4. Genuine gratitude inspires me. Quiet confidence inspires me and people who walk the walk without just talking the talk.

    Yes! You inspire me, Kitty! You, too, Shannon! Love to you both.

  5. Humor is like a Coat of Armor for a lot of us life warriors. But Katy, girl, you rock that Coat of Armor like nobody’s business. You bring joy and inspiration to so many on a daily basis. Wishing you every good thing in life now and always…and Shannon, it is a pleasure to meet another amazing, strong woman…xo

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