One Last Thought on Mother’s Day…

And more important than you can ever know. I love you.

Just a note of thanks to everyone on Mother’s Day and I hope you all had a very special day with both your own mothers and your children if you have them.  Both are the most special blessings as the bond is one that is never truly broken and no matter where you are today, remember you have the gift of  loving and being loved beyond measure even if those you love are separated from you by distance physically or emotionally or if they are longer with us.

For my own mom and my children, I love you Mom and E & Q.  Thank you for being a wonderful mom and thank you Q and E for giving me the greatest gift of my life, to be your mommy.  Mother’s Day is truly a gift in that I get to experience it because of you.

To my babies, here is a little love letter poem I wrote for you (warning: I am no Dr. Seuss, and you may find this terribly embarrassing one day, but as your mommy, I get that right, just wait until your weddings, I have already started the naked picture slide shows:))…

To E & Q ~

For all your laughs and all your giggles

For all your strength and all your wiggles

For hope and fear and faith and tears

And joy and love beyond my years

Through destiny and fate your souls found mine

And now our hearts are forever intertwined.

I cannot say what our future holds

Or how your lives will unfold

But rest assured as you close your eyes each night

That mama loves you with all her might.

Love, Mama, Mother’s Day 2011

Thank you for my second  mother’s day E & Q Thank you for hanging on, fighting through and being my little survivors. And thank you to my wonderful husband KSP for helping to make it such a special day.  I love you all.

And love to you all for all of your support with this blog and making this mommy feel very special on this day and everyday.

Love, Shannon

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