A Friday and Weekend dedication…for ‘newfavoriteday’s.

This week has been a busy one, talking about your taste in music, Monkey Moms, virtual tours of our new “home”, meeting a very inspirational Monster Fighter and so today is a day for few words, and to go back to where I started with this whole thing which starts and ends with love.  Today, for me, for my minis, family, friends, old friends, new ones here and on FB and Twitter, I hope you read these words and can think of someone you feel this for.  For me, I always tell the wondertwins  I love them like the sun, moon and stars, and when that isn’t enough, I love them to the moon and back.  Today it just feels right and I hope this love for those you love and those that love you, brings you a “newfavoriteday’ and a fabulous weekend.  xo Shannon

Courtesy of Tumblr and Childhood Storybooks.


4 thoughts on “A Friday and Weekend dedication…for ‘newfavoriteday’s.

  1. This is so sweet….it’s very late and right now as I am trying to return many comments there is one gently snoring beside me….one who felt asleep in his mommy’s bed….one that I love to the moon and back…

    Thank you so much for visiting me on my SITS day and for your very sweet comment.

    Have a wonderful weekend full of love…..

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