Everyone loves “Call Me, Maybe”

June 11, 2012


As you are all aware my little Q is obsessed with music and his new fave is the, what I must admit, very catchy tune by Carly Rae Jepsen, “Call Me Maybe.”  Since it’s Monday and this was such a highlight for me at least 20 times yesterday and even more all week, I thought I would share it with you. It takes about 30 seconds for him to really warm up (thankfully you can hear me to tide you over:)), but you can actually distinguish him saying the last word of every sentence to the beat (which we all know by heart at this point)…not only is it so adorable, there is a lesson here.

Little Q has been singing this song this for a week. Each day, I say we must get this on video before it goes away. Before he knows all the words, before he moves on to his next girl crush song, first Ke$sha now Carly Rae,  before he can string more words to the song. Little changes mean time gone by, moments gone, and going forward. It’s these moments I cherish. So today, it was time. We made time. We got out the phones and teed it up and it was pure joy.  Even E, who has been sick all day, who you can hear chatting in the background, perked up a bit for her brother’s rendition of the pop hit.

So today, grab your moments. Capture them in your heart and mind. Do what you can to remember them either physically or mentally.  Enjoy those moments and let today be ‘yournewfavoriteday.’ And if you need it, crank up the “Call Me Maybe” at the very least you will want to bounce around the living room!

I hope you enjoy little Q’s song as much as we did. And look out Carly Rae and Justin Bieber, Q is hot on your heels:)

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10 Comments on “Everyone loves “Call Me, Maybe””

  1. kasey mathews Says:

    Hooray for Q! Hooray for YOU! That is so wonderful! Music is such a blessing! Andie was hardly talking at two and we did Kindermusic, have you heard of it? Anyway, she loved it and I think it helped her find her voice (along with eye glasses, cranial-sacral therapy and her big brother not talking for her!).


    • Shannon Pruitt from 'Mynewfavoriteday' Says:

      Hi Kasey, thanks so much. It is quite fun. I haven’t heard of it, but I know music is a huge gift for kiddos with speech delays. E isn’t talking either so I hear you and it will be a long time before she does which means I will someday be saying your exact last sentence! I am glad she found her voice and you did too:) xoxo


  2. Lance Says:

    He’s adorable. I have 3 daughters – 16, 8, and 7. That song makes them so happy, I’m afraid if I te;ll them iit’s complete crap, DFACS will take them away from me for cruelty.


    • Shannon Pruitt from 'Mynewfavoriteday' Says:

      LOL…Thanks and I know it’s so catchy you can’t help but be happy by their happiness. I can only imagine what’s it’s like in your house! Yes, don’t tell them, they will know one day, it’s like Debbie Gibson for us…I am pretty sure “Only in my dreams,” was not the best song on the planet!


      • Lance Says:

        They dance around, sing into hair brushes, and do dance routines. I try to find ways to leave the house or pay attention to the road when we’re in the car.

  3. Running from Hell with El Says:

    This is beyond cute, my friend!! I adore your little Q!! And this is a good, good lesson, especially for a woman who overslept her alarm, missed the school bus, and shuttled the children through their morning routine at a sprint. Much love to you!


  4. Ellen Says:

    How cute is your little man… Love it… made me smile on a Monday!


  5. Nina Badzin Says:

    Oh my goodness–he’s delish.


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