When do you feel lucky?

“Do not forget to comfort strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” ~Hebrews 13:2

As a blogger, I often find myself looking around at the world as if each moment is captured in a blog post.  I see colors more vividly, hear sounds more intently and look at experiences differently, all of which evolves into a more intense appreciation for my life, for our life.  Since I started blogging, this mental switch has become a habit and compared to where I came, I often find myself in the place of feeling lucky.

As we have progressed in our journey, the feeling of lucky has gone from general to even more specific. I feel lucky for every experience I, and we have had, as I believe it has truly prepared us to be the best parents for our kids.  This is everything from personal experiences to professional experiences. I feel not only lucky, I feel fortunate.

For tears, for forced challenges, for obstacles, for having to be fluid and flexible. For having to adapt. For having to push outside of our comfort zone. For now, in the past few weeks I have truly realized how lucky we are. If life has pointed us here, we are on the right path.

Last night, as I sat in session 2 of a 7 week Behavioral Therapy class I am required to take in order to try to procure Behavioral Therapy services for E, I had that moment. Where a warm blanket of feeling lucky and fortunate settles over your bones.  As I listened to other parents in the room, many of whom do not the have access to the people and resources we have had on our journey, I realized just how lucky we had been.  I was overcome with gratitude as I looked to my left and saw two of the teachers from the kids UCLA program sitting next to me.

How lucky we were to get into this program. How lucky that after being isolated for so long, we have had the team of people we have, from doctors, therapists and service coordinators, always by our side.  Steering us, planting ideas of ways to expedite our situation and giving us the knowledge to be able to act of this advice.

All around me, as people asked questions and shared their stories my heart leapt in several directions. Each time a bit of compassion breaking off my heart to fly across the room as I saw parents register their children may have sensory issues, and that they would need Occupational Therapy services and that there is a process by which they can try and get these services. That there was a room full of people who were supporting them to get what they need for the child. For many of these folks, this was a new feeling.   For me, I already knew this feeling and was so grateful for all the love and support we have known and for all the people who have helped us so much.

As of late I am now surrounded by a new group of moms whose children are special They have warmly embraced us and here we are feeling lucky. New therapeutic options, classes and programs have my mind swirling. Intensive programs and new courage and hope fills me with the excitement for E’s future. What might be. Small steps in the right direction. Drinking from a straw, more eye contact, small crawling movements unassisted, greater control of her own body, tiny little steps of progress. Those which I would not notice or understand without all of those who have showed us so much in the past 2.5 years.

Last night as I prepared to leave the class, I headed to one of the moms who seemed to be having a particularly difficult time with her daughter’s needs.  I was heading over to give her a few words of wisdom she would need to in order to ask for a special service she very much needed, but as I approached, her daughter who had come to join her, started to cry.  As the mother grabbed her I could see fear wash over her face.  Tears filled her eyes. I touched arm and helped her sit as we discussed what was happening. It turned out her daughter had been ill the past few days and now looked to be developing some sort of rash. It was terrifying for them both. One of the teachers from our UCLA class also joined me and we made best efforts to calm the mother, to walk her through step by step what she would need to do next.  She calmed slightly and repeated our words.

As we left her and walked down the hallway, I turned to the teachers and said just how lucky I felt. To have had the resources, people, opportunities we have had.  Our good fortune humbles me and fills me with indescribable gratitude.  Perhaps in her own way she was an angel sent to remind us all that we need the compassion of strangers. That those strangers may not always be strangers, for someday they may be the ones we call friends, our family, our team.  They are angels sent us to remind us just how lucky we are.

Tonight as KSP plays the guitar next to me, I type this post with my 10 fingers and our precious angel minis sleep in the back of our home, the luck extends far beyond just E and Q’s health but to every single moment we have together. To smile, laugh, celebrate one another with a hug, a cuddle, and touch and to do so knowing we love and are loved by so many wonderful family and friends.

So thank you to you all.  Thank you for helping me to be able to see our lives through this lens. For sharing your own stories, wisdom and challenges.  You all make me feel lucky everyday. What makes you feel lucky today?  I hope at some step along your way today you can take that luck and use it to make today ‘anewfavoriteday!’

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2 thoughts on “When do you feel lucky?

  1. Well, you already know I feel Lucky every day, too.

    I feel Lucky that my marriage (after 26 years) is strong and happy. That my children see us as a good example. That Mr. Wonderful and I have grown together and still love each other — perhaps more than we did so long ago.

    I feel Lucky that I’m in tune with my sons’ needs (especially The Caboose with his challenges) and that I have sought out others to help him. That I have found a place where he can learn and reach his potential. That my older boys have become wonderful young adults, and are finding their places in the world.

    And I feel Lucky that my blogging journey has broadened my circle of friends to include women like you, who continue to uplift me, which in turn makes me better able to serve my family.

    Every Sunday I ask God to help me to be worthy of my blessings, because they are plentiful.

    1. You are always so full of perspective, and I LOVE it…it makes me feel even more lucky I am so glad you have found what you and they need for all of you. I feel the same way about my blogging journey and it helps me to keep going and thriving. Yes, we have many blessings, and we are so fortunate. Thanks as always for sharing….<3

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