The gift of the first time…there is still time.

We must become the change we want to see.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Ok, so perhaps that title is a little risqué, but for those of you who may think ‘mynewfavoriteday’ has gone into the gutter, it hasn’t, ok maybe sometimes, but not today. I often see this quote in people’s email signatures and think what a powerful statement it is in its simplicity.  So easy to interpret and yet so massive that to really think about it gives you pause about hmmm….where would I even start?  So how does this tie into the first time?  Well, first let’s just be clear, I am not talking about “that” first time as that would be so TMI…but I am talking about first times in general and how they make you feel on the inside.  I have been thinking about this a lot because as I mentioned yesterday, there has been quite a bit of first times happening recently in the Pruitt household.  Let me caveat the forthcoming list over the past week with the fact that these firsts may not blow your mind, but that’s precisely the point:) It was the first time:

  • Q rode in the front portion of a shopping cart at Home Depot or anywhere for that matter
  • Q took real steps to mommy on my birthday
  • E was eating her bottle and looked at my face and reached up to touch my face, it didn’t last long but it happened
  • KSP and I spontaneously went for a night out and danced together for the first time in 18 months
  • E started sitting with one leg slightly bent  and not pin straight
  •  E laughed with a real laugh at daddy, something resembling a chuckle
  • Q did the more sign and said “ma”
  • We watched our new house, that KSP and I bought together, start to come together
  • I confidently figured out how to collapse one of the mini’s strollers that has been eluding me for the past year (ironically this is a truly proud accomplishment)
  • I made some additional steps toward my dream through speaking as a parent advocate at the Mobile Health Expo in NYC, tweaked one of my blog posts so that it could be posted on the Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles site and wrote 10 more pages for my book (now at 40 pages!)
 And the piece de resistance, it was the first time Q saw the trailer for the new Winnie-the-Pooh movie as I was taking him out of living room to go down the hall for bed and the magic of just how it can feel when you see or do something for the first time suddenly presented itself to me in a new way.  Don’t get me wrong for the things I listed above, I felt that burst of light and joy, and the butterflies in my stomach, and the lightening bolt of gratitude as I felt the steps forward that we were taking even in the most subtle ways, but with the Pooh, I watched as the wonder in Q’s eyes filled his face, and he smiled, giggled and made the cutest sighing sound.  He was in love with Pooh.  It was the look of pure curiosity, joy and wonderment.  Because of this lens of being present and knowing what we were experiencing when we were experiencing I stopped in my tracks to let this happen. I looked at KSP as he sat with E on the couch and we had one of our silent conversations where we both took in the moment and the preciousness of this moment at this time in Q’s life.Like for so many of us, things in life are happening at light speed and we continue to get caught in the routine and hustle and bustle of life, but the feeling of accomplishment and wonderment doesn’t have to go away just because we are busy and don’t have time to take a shower or let alone stop to go “wait is this something new I am experiencing?”.  Part of being able to do this is if you don’t have kids, (which granted, gives you more firsts as you experience things through them) is to get in touch with what YOU like to do!  I realize this can become a foreign concept as we get more busy with work, school, relationships, carpooling, grocery shopping etc.  But I can use myself as example as I remember very well the moment I decided to hit submit when I did my first public blog post.  My hands were shaking and my stomach was in knots but I was excited.  I love writing and I felt like I had something that might be able to help others but I was scared to fail, scared that people wouldn’t care, scared that I might look silly or narcissistic, but then I realized, none of that mattered because hitting submit would make me happy and move me toward something I have always loved to do, write.  ‘Mynewfavoriteday’ launched me into this space. Wanting to help others and merging that with something I loved became my ‘first time’.  I have other friends who have started charitable initiatives, businesses based on their passions, hobbies based on their desire to learn, classes to learn something totally new, posting videos on YouTube demonstrating their skills, or singing in the car because they secretly want to sing in a band (oh wait maybe that’s me:), ok so that’s not new as previous posts and those of you who have seen me driving can attest), but you get the idea.  It can be something small.  Even making researching something you are interested in, making new friendships or donating your time or resources to someone can give you this sense.  The feeling is really a matter of mindset and I hope that today you can be the change you want to see in yourself, in the world and those around you so that it can be ‘yournewfavoriteday’.

4 thoughts on “The gift of the first time…there is still time.

  1. We have many firsts happening in our home in different attributes and family members in the Ormond house. This week Roan had a HUGE first. He asked me for something specific and brought in three commands stringing a sentence together based on a want of his wants. It was simply amazing.

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