The Magic of the World through a Child’s Eyes…

Everything is magical when you are small....


Ok, so I know this seems a bit random but bear with me on this.  I have been running around like a crazy person doing a million things (like always, I know, I know), but there have been many firsts happening in our household for all members on the family and so today, while in the midst of the madness I don’t have the time to type my usual posts (I will do that tonight) I wanted to share the reminder of what that wonderment is like…what it feels like and then see how and where you can apply in your own life.  The things that give you butterflies in your stomach or make your heart flutter with nervous anticipation (not caffeine or stress – related palpitations:))  It’s an interesting exercise that requires a bit of a different lens, and it can be quite fun.  So happy Tuesday and enjoy your wonderment.

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