The winner of the beautiful charm necklace and an amazing story…

This image seemed ever so appropriate as I announce the winner of the lovely charm necklace giveaway.  First, let me say that KSP selected the name in a random drawing, so you can both love and hate him…visualize me pointing my finger sideways:).  That said, all of the stories and reasons of who you would give these necklaces to and why, really touched my heart. I was in tears a few times and my cup runneth over at the love and commitment y’all had for your friends, family and those you love.  Even yourselves!  All beautiful.

This won’t be the last giveaway I promise, but for the first ever, Meghan, you are the big winner.  To share Meghan’s story is my honor and privilege and I promise, her story did not at all influence the winner, it was totally random! Here is what Meghan said about who she would give the necklace too, which in some ways was not unlike the very way I received my own necklace from Jen who makes them and sparked this opportunity to begin with.

“Meghan McDermott Says:
December 12, 2011 at 10:16 am eI love the necklace! I would give it to my friend and neighbor whose first and only baby girl will be turning 2 years old next week. Not only was she born over 10 weeks early, she had to have multiple surgeries to remove and correct the resulting scar from a hemangioma located above her eye. This new mom has struggled emotionally blaming herself for not being able to carry to full term, then having to travel to numerous surgeons and specialists to care for her fragile baby. It’s been heartbreaking! Luckily all has turned out well and the family is starting to live a normal life :) This necklace would be a wonderful reminder to her that her struggles were worthwhile because she did it all for her beautiful daughter!! I forgot to mention this is a friend who helped me through my postpartum depression before she even had children and had no idea what I was going through. I would engrave it with her daughter’s initials, MM”

Thank you so much for everyone who commented and thereby entered.  I really loved this interaction and so I will do it again.  Please thank my friend Jen at  who has also offered to donate the necklace which is so lovely and somehow not surprising if you read her interview.

I hope today is all of ‘yournewfavoriteday!’ If I could give you all necklaces I would because this experience has been just that special.  I look forward to doing this again, and I hope today is everyone’s ‘newfavoriteday.’ Have a great weekend everyone!

3 thoughts on “The winner of the beautiful charm necklace and an amazing story…

  1. Beautiful! Even with the drawing being random, it is going to the right person. This story is so touching and a good reminder to thank those around you, just for being there!

  2. I’m so grateful for winning this drawing! I’m going to wait to share this news with my friend until I receive the necklace and can give it to her at the same time. I’m very excited!!
    Thank you SO much!!

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