Help Wanted…Inspiring Halloween.

Backward, turn backward,
O Time, in your flight
make me a child again
just for to-night!
~Elizabeth Akers Allen

So, outside of the emotional issues we have been having as of late, there are real pressing issues in our family, like what will the Wondertwins be for Halloween.  Since Halloween has never been terribly important in my family, I have never given it too much thought, until I had kiddos.  Somehow, seeing them dressed in their precious little costumes, completely void of understanding why they have to wear the outfit, inspires nostalgia and warm fuzzy feelings that make you want to just squeeze their little cheeks.

As you might imagine our first Halloween was a little crazy, although there is a lovely group at the hospital who makes costumes for babies so that their parents might enjoy the pleasure of seeing their wee ones going along with some semblance of normalcy with the outside world. Q was a frog as you can see here, and E was a pea in pod (although she was having a hard road at that time so there aren’t any shots of her in her costume readily available).

Our second Halloween was much better, with both babies home and seemingly enthused about portraying a monkey and giraffe (ok, so perhaps enthused is a bit strong, but they didn’t completely protest except when we put their hats on).

Q shows off this monkey outfit


E is captivated by giraffe costume

This Halloween is a whole new ballgame with Q walking around everywhere.  E will still be in our arms so we can put something adorable and girly on her without worrying about her tripping.  Our biggest concern is that she might eat any embellishments, so we will have to be careful there.

I am leaning toward lady bug for E and bumble bee for Q but am open to thoughts and suggestions.

On top of these critical decisions, the question remains if we will dress up as a family. Do you dress up?  Since I guess I can no longer pull off the sexy kitty (the backstory here, is that I was never that sexy, but I always think that Halloween is really an excuse for all girls over the age of 18 to dress as sexy _____ (nurse, angel, police officer, bunny, you get the idea, just look at the available costumes, needless to say, E will not be informed of my theory at any age:)), I would love to hear thoughts on appropriate mommy costumes. Clearly we didn’t dress up last year, unless neutral colors counts, I suspect it doesn’t,  but I am open to it this year, so you can always propose a family theme!

The Halloween Family photo

Would love to hear your input on costume ideas and if you all dress up with your kids!  I may just take you up on your input so when I post the photos after Halloween it can be all of our ‘newfavoriteday’ since we will laughing so hard!  Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and returning to childhood with all of you, even if just for night.

8 thoughts on “Help Wanted…Inspiring Halloween.

    1. LOL, thanks doll. I can pull off the Wilma. KSP as Fred would be awesome, I may have to pressure him a bit. Pebbles and Dino would be cute or we could just cross pollinate with the Rubbles and make Q Bam Bam for the night:). Are you guys dressing up and what will the kids be this year?

  1. Omg do not dress up as a family lol. Ned trys to get me to do that every year and even gets me an outfit to go with the theme and I refuse. Im way to embarrassed to be that dorky and would prefer walking around with a stain of coffee to cover my entire shirt (there is a story there lol).I have to say though the best thing about Halloween is the hilarious pictures of your little ones crying and their hugely puffy outfits. Id cry too lol

    The pics are adorable 🙂

  2. I hadn’t really thought of dressing up Li’l D until I saw that dragon costume at Old Navy. It was inevitable from that moment on.

    I’ll doubtful be dressing. I had a Silk Spectre outfit made for me right before I got pregnant that I’d love to wear in the future, but that future is not now. I’ll just enjoy my little dragon instead. 🙂

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