Friday and Weekend Inspiration for me and you.

A thought to take us all into the weekend. Although we all aspire to make each day ‘ournewfavoriteday,’ some days are a little more challenging than others. The most beautiful part of these challenges comes from the love and support you receive from family friends and in my case now, with this blog, wonderful souls who I have never met in person but are my friends none the less. For as you can see in the comments to yesterday’s post, these are the ones who hold you up when you most feel like you will fall.

My wish for all of you this weekend is to think of those that will hold you up until you can believe again that all the are you is truly greater than any obstacle you may face. Treasure these people in your heart for in them you will be lucky enough to find strength through love and support the way I have found it through all of you.

May today and everyday be ‘yournewfavoriteday.’


One thought on “Friday and Weekend Inspiration for me and you.

  1. Shannon
    I hope all the love and support from family and friends is like a thousand hands helping to lift the cross that you have to bear.
    Mother Theresa said ” I know God won’t give me more than I can handle; I just wish he didn’t trust me so much”
    I think we can all relate to that sentiment!

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