Happy Wife = Happy Life. Maybe:)


Based on everything going on, I am finding humor in everything.  Very generously for my Birthday KSP gave me a monthly membership at a local spa where I can go get a massage each month (there may have been implied subtext here, if I am more relaxed, I am more happy, less naggy:)  Happy wife = Happy Life, ok I get it babe).  One thing I am not so good at is self-care.  My feet are still in desperate need of that pedicure and my back feels like a 100 year old oak tree whose roots are so large that they have broken ground are are weaving themselves everywhere and anywhere they want (much like the one next to our driveway).  So today, since I could use some downtime (like all you folks out there), I decided to book a massage  for tomorrow with my membership and use my rollover from last month that I didn’t use and then I remembered what happens to me every time I lay down on a massage table….

– Golda Meir

For some reason this quote makes me laugh.  Perhaps because it is so representative of me and I can actually picture myself anytime there is a moment of peace, whether it’s in my living room or on a massage table.  The peaceful place, in this case, the massage table, is the place where I make grocery lists, come up with new business ideas, think of all the things I need to do for the kids, our house, etc….lists, lists and more lists.   Does this happen to anyone else?  I know several people who are really good at disconnecting…so curious to hear what happens to others when ever they get a moment of peace. Do you take it or are you like me?

Ok, and one last thing about this…the spell check on my computer, doesn’t recognize the words massage, it wants to give me message or medi-care…how awesome is that?

Recognizing this about myself makes today ‘mynewfavoriteday’ what makes it yours?

One thought on “Happy Wife = Happy Life. Maybe:)

  1. Funny post. I like the them the last couple days. Thanks for sharing. I have that same monthly pass and had some many built up (5) I went for a 2 hour massage and facial three weeks ago. Heaven. Next week I’m again getting my hair done. Self care is apparently important to me or possibly it’s Vanity..LOL. I am a native California you know (minus anything foreign in my body or injections lol)

    Enjoy your massage Missy!

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