Letting go…even just a piece will lighten your heart.

On my mind today as influenced by my own thoughts and comments from others. I am drafting the post which will go up tomorrow, but for today, I wish you all a deep cleansing breath and the ability to exhale and let go of some bit of stuff that hangs heavy on your heart.  Let downs with family, friends, relationships, colleagues, yourself…letting a little piece go can chip away at the bigger iceberg.

6 thoughts on “Letting go…even just a piece will lighten your heart.

  1. That image is beautiful. Also, seeing the word “breath” reminded me to do just that, instead of responding to the increased busyness at work (in addition to an impending trip outside the office) by holding my breath and becoming increasingly more tense. Thanks to you, I’m thinking about my breathing and doing it closer to right. For now!

      1. Letting go…your timing is impeccable and couldn’t have come at a better time…looking forward to your post tomorrow. JR

  2. And don’t worry about the things you can’t control because its wasted breath and energy…..nice thought of the day Shannon 🙂

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