The unexpected can become the greatest gift. Baby M turns 1!

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new. ~Rajneesh

If I could have known. If I could have planned. If I could have said, “it’s not the right time.” I would have never known, could never have planned, and would never have said…for she is the greatest gift.

She is the purest form of the deepest gratitude and love. She holds her own space, her own gift for bringing light and love and healing to my heart. I watch in awe as she naturally does what Q and E had to work hard to do. Each movement, acknowledgement, giggle, twinkle, brings incredible amounts of joy. Of the what it feels like the first time. The first word, tooth, stand, game, kiss, hug, and step all create something so much larger than I knew existed.

She is enchanting to everyone she encounters. She giggles with her brother and teaches and engages her sister in a way we could have only hoped for. For me, and our family completes the us in a way we didn’t know or think was necessary, and she is a gift.




Mia and Emma


Today, July 22nd, there will be a lot of press about Prince George and his turning 1, but what the world may not know, is there is an princess who quietly slipped into the world on July 22nd, 2013 with such force that she changed all those her have come to meet and know her. Baby Mia Isablle. She has special powers to change the world and instantly changed our family with healing powers we didn’t expect and didn’t know existed in this space and time.

In what has been a crazy 5 years filled with so many emotions and ups and downs, twist and turns we still know how blessed we are…everything that happens or crashes upon us now in the form on news and events is put through the filter of these years and how we have been supported and held up by one another and all of our family and friends.

For each of my minis in their own way, I am a different person. A different mother. A new mother. That woman before, without her minis, seems unfamiliar and unknown, not in a bad or an unhappy way but in a way that would have been entirely different across my entire life, personal and professional. For each child, I am a new person. A better person. Today as we celebrate baby M’s birthday, I am a grateful mother. The past 5 years feel like a lifetime of learning and growing and the past year is the part that I know I was meant to find and experience. From all the fear and the unknown was the path to healing and wholeness. To think that last year at this time, I was sobbing in a car dealership about buying our minivan “Foxy” is so far away from where I am now (expect for the mini van part, although the automatic doors and storage space are remarkable).

We will all go through challenging times, months, and even years, and then, unexpectedly, in a moment in time, we will realize what it is all for…the moment when you understand the gift. It most often seems to come after a time of hardship and sadness, but with eyes wide open to all is not lost, we can see what’s possible and waiting. For us, and me, it’s the love of Q, E, and M…the gift of a complete family puzzle where KSP and I can look into the future and see a place where Q is amazingly smart, caring and empathetic, E is a light that shows us what’s entirely possible in life, and M who gives us the opportunity to know what first times are like free of worry and fear. We are blessed and it is an absolute certainty that Baby M is a huge part of what the future holds in the form of happiness, excitement, joy and of course a little bit of fear due to her lack of the fear!

meandtheminisHappy Birthday to my sweet baby girl, Mia and please join in my “mynewfavoriteday” in my moment of understanding a gift.



One thought on “The unexpected can become the greatest gift. Baby M turns 1!

  1. Shannon, so happy you wrote about lil’ Mia’s 1st birthday coming and all of the blessings you have gathered from having her complete your family! It is indeed through hardship, sometimes gut-wrenching hardship, that appreciation for all we are given comes whole-heartedly. Trials also give us the perspective to see the blessings-sometimes disguised-if we otherwise hadn’t had to look for them so deeply. I’m beaming inside with happiness for you and yours-much deserved! From your blogging friend, still plugging along in my single mom journey towards peace, XOXO, Kasey

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