Knowing when to say when.

For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” ~ Unknown

I can’t really believe I am actually here today. My many hats are starting to feel somewhat heavy on my head and the plates spinning, balls juggling are a teensy bit in danger of falling on my head.  The past 7 days have been crazy, fantastic, overwhelming and a rollercoaster of happy to happier.

It’s the final push before the March of Dimes March for Babies on Saturday and I was informed that KSP and I will be telling our story to 12,000 people.  If you follow me on Facebook you will know that I am excited, a little anxious, not so much about the speaking but more the blubbering that tends to occur when I talk about the minis and how they were born, especially when holding the minis!  Then there is the fact that it will be 7:30 am and I really never ever ever look good at 7:30 am, especially when I have been up since 5.  But looks and blubbering aside, I am thrilled that we are only 3 days away and we are just $2, 300 shy of our goal of $15,000.  No matter what happens, this is a huge gift and I am eternally grateful to all of our friends, family, friends of friends, virtual friends who have come on board to support us.  So inspiring.

On top of that we have been at our early intervention preschool for 2 weeks now and it’s simply amazing.  I watch as Q’s language has begun to explode. I sit in circles holding one or both the minis while signing and singing songs and the fulfillment is like a huge tidal wave crashing over my soul.  For 30 minutes three days a week, my heart takes a trip to the moon while I remember the feeling of being a child and feel the pride, gratitude and joy in my own mini’s abilities and the abilities of the other minis around us.  So inspiring.

Then, last week, I had what was called my SITS Day which was a huge boost for my blog that started oh so small and has steadily grown with all of your love and support.  I am still trying to get around to all the blogs that stopped by while I was in San Francisco for X Factor Auditions. So inspiring.

Speaking of San Francisco, while there I also had the opportunity to catch up with a very dear old friend, who as it turns out, I have now known for 20 years but hadn’t seen for 5 years. To think of all that we have been through and now where we are in our lives as we shared a bottle of wine and laughed about the past while talking about the present and future is a feeling that feeds the heart and mind. We left saying once a year, I hope it’s more, but life marches on. So inspiring.

And then there has been all the other things,  like Preschool searches and visits for Q, IEP Planning for E, Medical Planning, KSP’s upcoming Birthday (I love celebrating the day people were born), traveling for one client, working with my other amazing clients, meeting with potential clients, following up with those potential clients, keeping our house, life, bills in order, finishing our house and dealing with our tenants, tending to KSP while he has been sick and oh yeah blogging and social community fun.  Needless to say, you may be able to see the plates as they become all jumbled up spinning erratically.

So today, I think this is my when. I am taking a break for the next 5 days or so.  I have so much to do in the real world I need to break from the virtual one for a little while.  Ironically, while all of this is going on I am full of inspiration and love from all the incredible support we have been receiving.

So I am going to go visit my friend Mary at Transitioning Mom’s blog, where she recently wrote about prioritizing while feeling overwhelmed and a post that I found so insightful. Like a yellow brick road. It’s called Grains of Sand, which is exactly what I need to focus on, the grains of sand, not the whole jar. I am going to organize my thoughts and gain hours, that’s the goal. And for that, I am also inspired!

If any of you are feeling similar, I suggest checking out Mary’s post, it’s like a breath of fresh air!

Thanks so much to you all, keep us in your thoughts for Saturday please!  If you are so inclined to leave some advice, would love and be happy to read it!  Thanks for making today and every day “Mynewfavoriteday.”

(Image courtesy of The Rhythm Method)

29 thoughts on “Knowing when to say when.

  1. I just want you to know that the virtual world will still be here if you take a few days off. You have real friends out here and we all want the best for you–so please, refresh, relax and get reinvigorated!! Much love to you Shannon!!

  2. Best wishes for your wonderful day on Saturday and for reaching your ultimate financial goal. I’m so happy to hear that everything is moving along so beautifully and that the minis (and their mommy) are enjoying their early intervention program. Those programs are so incredible. I hope your days away from your virtual network have a moment or two when you can rejuvenate just enough to keep right on moving forward! Will be thinking about you Saturday at 7:30 AM :).

  3. Dearest Shannon… The computer and blogging is certainly one place that is easy to take a break without recourse. So just do it, have a terrific time this weekend, best of luck, and we’ll “see” you when you return. Much love and hugs!! XOXO-SWM

  4. Hello! Massive amounts of luck for Saturday, hope it all goes swimmingly. Now, about the X-Factor auditions. Any dirt on Mr. Cowell???!!!!! Don’t worry, I know that even if there was, you wouldn’t be able to share… but had to ask!! Look forward to hearing that Saturday was a massive success!

  5. Cheering you on through these busy next few days! I hope you find a little peace as well as much joy, my friend. ♥

    1. Thanks so much Deb. So lovely to see you here, and I am feeling more peaceful. My break is actually a little longer than I thought it would be but it’s good for me and the fam and you know just how important that is! Hope you are well. ❤ Shannon

  6. Wow. I can see your plates… 🙂 I wish you an amazing Saturday! I will be thinking about you and your family. Enjoy!! You will shine with your family and so many will be inspired and deeply touched.
    When I feel overwhelmed I try to focus on the next moment, the next hour, this day. I live day by day. One step after the other. Being present helps me to not waste energy to the future which is coming anyway.
    No matter how life is spinning around you, “there is a place in you where there is the perfect peace.” -by Jim Stewart
    I wish you to find that place – to visit it and re-energize when you need to.

    1. Great advice Sandra and indeed that s exactly what I am trying to do. Just get through one thing at a time. Not think about the sum of the parts but rather the parts themselves. Thanks for being so ready with a kind word and advice, it means so much to me! Hope you are well.

  7. Enjoy your time in the real world. Always take time to unplug! And in regard to speaking publicly, I try to imagine everyone in the audience sitting on the toilet and taking a dump. That way they are entirely more vulnerable than I am. It works!

  8. Shannon… it’s so very important to know when to say when. The heavy hats, juggling balls and spinning of plates can and will take a toll.

    Maybe this is a perfect time for you to receive the Sunshine Award for blogging, because you definitely bring the sunshine to those who read your site.

    With so much to do, just accept this from me, and I hope that some of my readers will jump over and love your blog as much as I do.

    Don’t worry about getting to the questions and list of blogger… just know that you are being shined upon!

    1. You are so awesome Carol. I mean seriously, I feel like you were a gift given to me to brighten my world. Thank you so much. And thanks for the reprieve, I am having a hard time keeping up so just the fact that you would be so kind as to spread this to me and then not ask me to do anything is amazing! I will try to do something, I am horribly behind in this respect but know that you are “my pocket full of sunshine!” xo

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