Help Amelia and Spread the Word.

There is no time for a quote, for this we must dive right in…

Like Holly states in her post, I had not intended to post today, but when I saw this on Elastamom’s blog, I had to help spread the word and I immediately signed the petition.

It’s a real life, happening now, story of a little girl who is not being granted a life-saving kidney transplant because the doctors have decided that her quality of life isn’t worth using the kidney to preserve.


Who gets to decide that? Who makes that decision? What gives anyone the right to make the decision?

Normally, I do not incorporate my religious beliefs into my blog posts, but for this one, I feel the need to add, that God gave her this life for a reason, to this family for a reason and it is not anyone’s right to take that gift away.

Even as I type this, I sit at the borderline of anger and nausea…wanting to scream for this family.

To say her life isn’t worth it, to tell them she doesn’t bring her own light in her own way. To say that as someone’s daughter, sister, granddaughter, that she is not worth it…blows my mind.

So, please use your power of social media and help Amelia and her family and all the other little ones and their families like hers.

Read Holly’s post, sign the petition and spread the word. It may save Amelia’s life and knowing that, sharing that, can make so many more ‘favoritedays’ for everyone, especially her and her family.

Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Help Amelia and Spread the Word.

  1. Shannon,
    Thanks for calling attention to this horrible situation. I posted it on my blog, and there is a link on my Facebook page too. Hopefully we can get the doctors to change their minds!

  2. I can’t believe this situation. i tried looking information about the life expectancy for someone with the disorder that Amelia has, and I couldn’t find anything saying that her life span was likely to be significantly shorter – which is the only way, in my mind, that a hospital board would chose who would get a donor organ and who wouldn’t, if the choice had to be made (I would like to think that baby organs are hard to come by). If this is solely a matter of whose life is worth saving, it saddens me, saddens me, saddens me. Everyone has good to give. Everyone.

    1. I know! It literally made my blood run cold or hot or both…I CANNOT believe the a hospital/medical team would be make or be allowed to make this decision.

      I got an update from a woman on Facebook who said that apparently now the hospital is saying she can have the transplant if they can find a family donor which is better but still infuriating as what if there is no match in her family then she is out of luck? I am following the situation so I will try to keep everyone updated.

      I think we like one another on FB, no? I will check when I get on my computer.

      Anyway, I am glad everyone else is just as dumbfounded as me…I can’t imagine if someone tried to do this to one of my kids I would not only go ballistic….I would do just what they are doing fight back….

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