Fridays are for Friendship.

Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.” ~ Unknown

Knock, knock, Bam! That’s all of you, breaking down the walls.  Now granted, since I blog, we can question how high they were to begin with, but I can assure that some of the information had very high, castle type walls around it…and the walls were made of thick concrete slabs nearly indestructible.  But in your success, more walls have come tumbling down and it feels very freeing.

So today, even though I shared this on Facebook today, I want to post if for all of you today. Friendship is a beautiful thing and I have had a very lovely feeling of friendship all this week, as I hope you have as well. Friends are like family, they stay with you when the sun shines and the rain comes.  When you need to talk or when you say nothing at all. When you don’t ask for help, they offer, quietly or with a roar whichever is most appropriate and friends lift you up. If you have ever read about my childhood girlfriends, you know about them, but there are so many others that I am blessed to call friends, and some who I have only recently made that have forever cemented themselves into my heart. For it was all you friends working together that crumbled my walls and allowed me to float a bit lighter.  The funny thing about friendship is that we rarely understand just how deeply we are valued by someone so  today, I am telling you.

Thanks to everyone who has reached out, commented, reposted, liked, visited FB, retweeted tweets, it’s all just so lovely.  So this Friday, I feel like Pooh, although not nearly as wise, but I will say that as long as you’ll have me, we will be friends even longer than forever.

Happy ‘newfavoriteday.’ Friday is for friendship, and go tell all your friends old and new how much you love them for not only will they love it, you will too:)

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