Happy Anniversary Kismet!

So true….

Today is most definitely ‘mynewfavoriteweek!’.  It is ever so appropriate that KSP and I will celebrate our 4 year anniversary today on the heels of our sweet angels turning 2 years old on Tuesday.

When we got married in front of dear friends and family in Cabo San Lucas 4 years ago, we wrote our own vows filled with laughter and tears, some sarcasm, and a “let’s do this!”  We talked of friendship, joy, promises, and future.  We confirmed commitment, values, collaboration and compromise.

A special moment after we said our vows...

We entered into a marriage and union that would be anchored in love and friendship.

Today, I can honestly say, we have been put to the test. Those vows we took were not just words, they were feelings. Promises. An anchor tethering us to one another in what would become the stormiest seas of our relationships and most likely our lives.

In the past 2 years, we have had to call on all of those feelings to celebrate, comfort, support, and collaborate with one another in protecting our children and our relationship.

Today the waters are more calm and we can begin to look again at us and our dreams together.

When we first met, we used the word Kismet with frequency to describe our relationship and that still exists today but not in the  infatuation cutesy way that it used to,  but in the way we have been through the trenches together and now kismet lies in having just the person you want standing by your side, or laying their head next to yours in your bed each night as you wake up to greet each day and to know things are exactly as they are meant to be.

Happy Anniversary KSP, I love you today more than ever and I am blessed to call you my husband and best friend. As we head into the next many very happy years (yes, you are stuck with me:)), I have three words for you, “let’s do this!”

Do you believe in Kismet in your own life? And does believing this make it ‘yournewfavoriteday?’

Celebrating...whoo hoo...I still feel like this today, but strangely I don't look as rested:)

5 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Kismet!

  1. Beautiful, my friend! Congratulations to you both. We have so much to celebrate – next year we have to make this our year and celebrate all together – get the cousins together!love and miss you!!

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