How can you not smile at this?

Memories of childhood, mornings on PBS, my own personal attachment to my cookie monster piano I got when I was 3 (my mom drove all over Portland looking for it), Elmo’s giggle (although for some of you parents the giggle over and over may be a bit grating, but for purposes of this post, let’s pretend it’s only occasional as I am often forced to do with the dancing monkey in my house that play Ke$ha’s Tik Tok incessantly; but the pleasure it gives Q is all worth it) and a tower of cupcakes! Does it get any better and can’t you feel the smile spreading through your heart.  Now, capture it, take it with you and have a great ‘newfavoriteday’.


I feel happier already….they are so cute I would almost feel bad eating one!

7 thoughts on “How can you not smile at this?

  1. the only thing that would make me smile would be sharing these cupcakes with you and your littles! 🙂 thanks for the reminder to stop and sneak some frosting! 🙂


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