A nice reminder….but with a ‘MyNewFavoriteDay’ twist…

A Little Reminder...but do what you want for you.


I hope everyone had a great fourth of July holiday.  We had a great weekend, with lots of fun activities that have inspired many thoughts that will come forth in future posts, but today, since it still feels like a holiday,  and I am feeling so grateful, I just wanted to put something out there that helps remind us all that if you can find gratitude in daily life it can help remind you of these other thoughts. My only caveat to this lovely sentiment is that don’t worry about proving yourself to anyone…do something you want to do because you want to do it and not because someone else thought you couldn’t.  Other than that, challenge yourself to do something you have always wanted to do, be goofy, laugh smile with friends, love what you have and treasure the people in your life and cherish your own life. Gratitude makes each day our ‘newfavoriteday’.

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