Reminding me and you that we deserve the best…but what it means to you is up to you.

A thought for the deserve happiness. My favorite part is the part where it says, "we all find it in different things"...what's your thing?

4 thoughts on “Reminding me and you that we deserve the best…but what it means to you is up to you.

  1. thanks for sharing, S…

    this morning it came in the picture of my kids on my cell phone. it was 10:15, and after a long night of no sleep and horrible nightmares when i did, i dind’t want to wake for the day officially. i was once again faced with this all too familiar feeling of numbness for the day. with the casual glance at the phone to see how many emails had stacked up over the morning, i first had to look at my screen image – my two kids smiling at me. i had to literally tell myself they were the reason it was time to get out of bed and begin functioning. and so i did. today i found the love in my babies’ smiles. so blessed to have that reminder on these tougher than usual mornings.

    1. Pink, I am so glad you found that picture on your phone and were able to let that fill you up and get you up. The “numbness” can be so hard, and you are so strong for making the choice to let that picture lift you up out of bed and for the day. Big hugs to you…I know you will keep finding it…and keep that pic on your phone…I find that my phone wallpaper gives me similar inspiration at times…what did we do before cell phone photos?:)

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